OMG please help me fix this!!!

Ok so here goes..I ordered a new bios from my old bios was dated 12/2/2002 and this new bios was dated 8/19/2005
So i made the boot disk and copied the bios files they gave me and rebooted as told it brought me to the prompts to save original and all i go to flash it and it said flash rom is write protected so i disabled bios guardian in my bios and did the routine again and got the same message so i loked around on the net and on their webpage it said that some flash loders may not work correctly so i would have to find a new flash loader which i di and it was uniflash..
rebooted and followed instructions from uniflash but as it was flashing it said that their was errors then it went to a: prompt..So i rebooted and then i had no screen at all no picture!!!..Hard drives fans cd romswill spin but my mouse and keyboard will not light up at all..So i called esupport and they sent me 2 new BIOS chips one was the original from 12/2002 and the new one from 8/2005..I inserted the 8/2005 bios chip in and rebooted and still nothing everything spins but no screen at all and no mouse or keyboard..
I have bare bonned it down and still nothing i have messed with all the jumper settings CMOS battery taken out for a night cleared cmos jumpers and still nothing..Replaced ram reseated ram just 1 stick of ram and nothing..Also my floppy drive works but the led light just stays lit but no activity even when i have a disk in it.I had a 350 watt PSU in it and replaced it with a Antec 500 wat psu and that didnt help and i also bought a pci vid card and that didnt help.I am at my wits end trying to figure this out
i am at the point of having a nervous breakdown..

It is a FIC vg31
intel p4 2.53ghz
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  1. Well, it sounds pretty much like you've toasted your BIOS and the chips they sent you don't play with that Fic board. At this point, I'd really consider just ordering a new bard to get you back up and running. Newegg has a pretty good selection of socket 478 boards for $50 or less...
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