Different RAM makers in same mobo?

First off I don't think I worded this thread right so let me explain. I'm planning on building a dual-core system soon but I'm looking to save as much money as I can too.

Currently in my 754 system I have two 512MB Muskin PC3200 stick with 3-4-4-8 timings. I plan on having 2GB of ram in this new system. So I was thinking to save money on the new system I would use those muskins I have (cause PC3200 is still the highest AMD systems take right?) and get another two 512MB sticks.

My question is should I try and get the EXACT same sticks or could I use another maker or timings? Would that screw anything up, especially when going to overclock the cpu? Or would the extra cost (about $90 more for 2x1GB vs 2x512MB) be worth it for less hassle when coming to overclock?
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  1. normal clocking with normal timings you can usually mix and match memory as long as all the memory is rated for that speed, IE dont try 266 memory in a 333 or 400 board.
    Now since your overclocking it would be best to get 4 or 2 sticks that are the same speed, timings, and cl.
  2. Agreed. For the best results, get identical DIMMs to the one's you have now.

  3. Identical is definitely best for performance reasons. If you do mix and match the memory should automatically clock itself to the lowest multiple. As in if you mix DDR333 and 400 it will all run at 333, same with timings. You will also notice a speed difference with 2 vs 4 dimm slots populated, 2 being the faster because it will use 1T timings vs 2T if you have 4 dimms.

    And DDR400 is what AMD officially supports even though the lastest Venice core offers more multipliers over DDR400 if the motherboard supports it. So, the mixed memory will work but it will be slower but most likely won't cause any stability issues.
  4. I doubt anyone would be able to see 3-4% drop in memory performance without actual benchmark tests.
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