Can't get buitlt in Cd rom without jumpers to work


I recently got a Thermaltake Eclipse DV .
With a built in cd rom drive.
There is a IDE cable attached to the cd rom drive (can't be disconnected), and this cable has only one other connector (which goed to the mobo).
When I connect this cable to my second IDE channel , the computer won't boot because it recognises the cd rom drive as a secondary slave on my 2nd channel without a Master on this channel.

With a normal cd rom drive , there wouldn't be a problem because you can just swith the jumpers, but this cd rom drive is built in like a laptop cd rom drive and I cant find any jumpers.

Please help me , i'm open to any suggestions..
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  1. Ok i'll try to find one of those pci thingies if I find one in the local hardware store..

    Any other Idea's (that don't require other parts)
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