X1800XT 512mb Problems

Im having trouble getting my new X1800XT 512mb to work properly. Whenever i attempt to run the 3dmark05 bench test it fails on the second scene (everytime!). When i say 'fails', basically it appears to get graphical error lines up and down the screen, if i dont exit the test it will eventually crash altogether.

Now my first thoughts were it was a driver problem, i did have version 5.13 + CCC, although after installing the latest drivers 6.1 from the ATi website im still having the same problem. This also occurs while playing all latest games like Battlefield 2 and COD2, titles that i used to play ok on low settings with a 9800XT.

My Spec Is:
AMD 64 X2 3800+ (bios updated to 1009)
Asus A8N-SLi Premium nforce4
ATi Sapphire X1800XT 512mb
250gb Western Digital HDD SATA 7200rpm
500w Antec NEO Power Supply
17" TFT LCD Monitor

Please, Can Anyone Help...?
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  1. Sup!

    I'll throw a few stones in the bush here :

    First, is your CPU overclocked? I doubt if this is to blame, but it might be inspected. I had problems with Aquamark due to my cpu running 64Mhz higher.

    Also, get ATITool (latest version) and check your temps on the card. Heat most often cause graphical errors and a system hanging. The X1800XT uses case air to expel outwards, maybe the temps inside are on the uppish side. But on the other hand, the Radeons can go quite high. I remember my X800XT going to 95C and still no problems.

    Lastly, I see I you have a 500W PSU - more than enough, but make sure that it is indeed supplying enough power on the 12V rails, especially the Amps. The X1900XTX requires 30A. Dunno about the X1800's.

    Is it only 3DMark05 that gives you this problem?

    Hope this helps a tad!
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