OC 7800 GTX to ATI 1800XT fequncys?

i have a BFG 7800 GTX OC thats 430/1200 (core/mem) and i was wondering if i could push it to meet up wit the 1800XT specs of 625/1500 (core/mem), any thoughts would eb appeciated
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  1. My HiS X1800XT runs at 700mhz core and 1600mhz mem with nothing more than the built in ATI drivers.
    Gets 9652 3DMarks05 and 4532 3DMarks06 with an Opteron 175 and an Asus A8R-MVP
  2. usin there nvidias tool i hit 1.31 mem and 490 core with stock cooling, so i guess wit water maybey...
  3. First off, why are you setting your target being the XT frequencies?
    Nvidia cards can produce much better results than an ATI based solution at lower clock speeds. So if you want XT preformance, your not going to need those clocks.

    Two, unless you have Liquid Nitrogen handy (doubtful) your not going to
    push that GTX to default XT clocks (625/1500)

    On the mem, hell yes you could make 1.5. But there's no way in hell your going to push that thing 195mhz over core, even on good water systems. Sorry but that isnt gonna happen. Maybe 500, give or take 15-20 mhz. But thats about all your gonna see.


    How is your BFG 7800GTX OC factory running @ 430/1200-
    those are reference speeds for standard 7800GTX's.
  4. ya pushed core to 495, wont go any higher and the mem flips out around 1.38 which is annoying, ne ideas y i cant push it a lil higher
  5. Heat, voltage control, you may have reached the cards limits.
    Thats like asking why I cant OC my CPU from 2.0ghz passed 3.0ghz...there could be a number of factors.

    Most likely though, you've reached what that card will do.
    Unless you feel up to a volt mod...
  6. sure, lets go for it, got plenty of time on my hands, lookin at addin liquid collin to it and i just revamped my cpu from 3.2 to 3.4 no problems and droped my mem mhz to 500 and lowered latency on it, so y not lets go for the vlotage mod
  7. "and i was wondering if i could push it to meet up wit the 1800XT specs of 625/1500 (core/mem), any thoughts would eb appeciated

    Not a chance.....

    The BFG will make about 470 core, and about 550 on the mem....
  8. Improve cooling and Voltmod it. You should be able to get substantially higher clocks. More V will banish artifacts at higher clocks. Will you get to 600Mhz? probably not. 550 perhaps...

    don't put too much voltage through. I killed my 9800Pro by running the core at 2V. You don't want to do that now, do ya... :D Just looks around and see what others are managing to run the card at (voltage-wise) with similar cooling setups, and try to stay a bit below that.

    Raising my 9800Pro's GPU voltage from 1.7V(stock) to 2V only got an extra ~60Mhz or so, compared to stock voltage, so don't expect miracles....
  9. mdd u obviously dont know what ur talkin about, i pushed it to 495/1.37 with everything stock, with liquid cooling and voltage mods i could push it harder no doubt
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