asus p4s533, can it handle a 3.06ghz 533mhz 512kb northwood?

has anyone had any experience trying to run a P4 3.06 ghz 533mhz 512kb northwood on an ASUS p4s533??? the webside says that it can go up to 2.8 533 512, but i dont see why the 3.06 is any different. thanks!
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  1. iv seen a P4c work in older northwood supported boards so it should work fine, the only diffrence between the two is the 3.06 has HT.

    correction - the board max (2.8) and the 3.06 - the diffrence is HT and thats all, and my P4c posted at a lower speed/fsb ofcourse.
  2. No experience, but I would guess that they did not validate for 3.06 because it doesn't support HT.
    I would think the chip should still work fine, even if it's not recognized.
  3. so, whats the max CPU for that mb?
  4. Its mainly the CPU code really. It may work but at a lower speed.

    The max CPU for that really is a 2.8GHz Pentium 4.
  5. It will handle a X28 multi according to the 1009 bios notes.

    Did they make a 533fsb @ 3.06 ... yes ... and in 533 /512 ... 23 X

    Check yours here.

    Here is a review.

    Hope this helps.

    Note these pumped out 82 watts of heat ... so make sure the cooling is up to it.
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