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I am in the market for a new computer using an AMD 4400+ dual core processor. I will need it to view DVD's (instructional swimming videos), make sport DVD's (swimming and lacrosse), burning, dvd's, viewing the internet, microsoft office programs, playing music, burning cd's, photo, etc. I see that AMD just put out a new dual core for the FX-60, but that is above my budget and means. Is AMD coming out with anything new in the next 2-3 months? I have read some things about the AM2? Is the new AM2 worth the wait?If so is it worth the wait, besides a lower price for their current processors?
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  1. AM2 is a new platform. There will be few new chips for it this year.
    Most of the chips offered for it will not perform any better than the X2 4400.
    While it does offer some changes, it isn't a barn burner.
    Buy now, be happy.
  2. I would go for a 3800+X2 and spend the money you save on a pair of 74 or 150 gig raptors. The 150's are suposed to be remarkably quiet compared the 74's so that might be a deciding factor for you right there.
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