Newbie building a system needs some advice.

Ok I amn starting from scratch and I dont have a clue where to start. So Ill let you guys know what Ill be using the computer for and maybe you can point me in the right direction. The computer will basically be a family system for my Mom and Dad and I. It will be used mainly for web browsing, word processing, digital music, photos and my Dad will be running some basic CAD stuff for work, no gaming at all. The budget is $1000 or so the less the better.

I have been looking around a bit onnline and have gotten a basic idea of what to get and have basically come up with this so far

DFI Lanparty Ultra-d $129
AMD Opteron 146 $179
OCZ Gold 2x512 2-2-2-5 PC3200 $139
WD Caviar 150gig 16mb 7200rpm $110
Asus geforce 6200 128mb $55
M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 $129
Plextor DVD/CDrw drive $50
Antec P180 aluminum case $125
Total: $915

I choose the Opteron and OCZ memory so I could try out some OC'ing. So what do you think?? Anything you would do differantly?? I was thinking of maybe going with an entry level dual core Opteron instead of the single core, what do you think??
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  1. You could skip the sound card as the nforce onboard audio is pretty decent quality. If you use CAD programs much i would look at uping the hard drive to the WD Raptor as they are a much faster drive. Rest looks good but unless you really wanna overclock i would buy value ram such as cosair value ram and go to 2GB instead for your application you would get better value.
  2. dfi are known for thier overclocing mothere boards that have some driver issues (for example, if you use the nvidia firewall that came with the board, you will get BSOD, if you use NTweak, you will BSOD, etc..) they are great for people like me who spends considerable amount of time tweaking my rig, but for you i think that this is 1) overkill in terms of performance 2) too expensive 3) you could save the money for something else 4) hard to maintain (driver issues, haven't met any my self but apperantly logitech mouse driver is incompatiable with it..)

    my suggestion is to get a cheaper mobo, get 2x 1 G of ram (CAD right?) and if you got some $$ left over get some raptors (10k rpm hard drive for faster I/O)
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