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I'm hoping that someone can give me an idea on my problem

I have a Sidewinder Precision Pro 2 that is plugged into the USB port and in the middle of a game (MAINLY Mechwarrior 4) After about 5 minutes, the Joystick de-calibrates itself and pulls to one side believing that to be the center.

Like when piloting my mech and I'm pulling my joystick to the right, the HD light will flicker and for a brief moment the Windows Hourglass or Pointer will appear on the screen and then my joystick will just pull to the right.

I've tried turning off everything that could affect it in my system-tray, I've downloaded the latest Sidewinder Drivers (3.02), but it still does it and to rectify the problem the computer has to be re-booted.

The only idea I think it could be is DirectX. I've got DirectX8 and as I recall it hasn't done it since installing DX8. So could anyone provide some suggestions to this effect. I would be very grateful for any help anyone could provide.

Thank you.
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  1. It may actually be a USB prob - USB is a constant live connection. If it lost the signal from the joystick and then all of a sudden regains the signal - would it not think this second signal to be a new joystick? not sure though - try downloading new usb drivers.

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  2. think, this is the place to be for me, I also have had some problems with USB and MS ForceFeedback2 Joy., I also played MW4, and yes I also had the same problems with my mech goin to one way, and the explenation from Technie2001 of the bad USB connection does make sence to me, everytime you read someting about ForcFeedback2 Joy. then there's always a column with, be sure you're joystick is the first device, indeed if there's a bad connection it can think it's a second device with all the problems you have...
    Have a little solution for that, USB ports on pc's are mostly placed vertical, so I putted my joystick in a USB HUB, where the ports are placed horizontal... better connection better gameplay.... An USB HUB doesn't cost too much so it's a good solution I think....
    I hope I've helped you out on this...
    Wanna ask you a little question tho, where do you find the latest drivers for the ForceFeedback2, you are talkin of V3.02, cause I've some problems with it too, had a new motherboard, ECS K7S5A and my USB works, cause internet goes over it without problems, but if I wanna install my ForceFeedback2 software it tells me I have NO USB on my motherboards.... I also am using DirectX8.1 problem is you can't deinstall that version for tryin DirectX7

  3. try this .. remove joystick from within the game .. ie switch to keyboard mouse option .. shut down game .. calibrate stick in windows , restart game and reenable stick..


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