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i've installed windows seven on my compaq 3070tu. But the sound is sort of cracked. nothing is clear. Is it the trouble of some missing drivers or because of the low performance of the system?
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  1. Is this a laptop or a desktop? There seems to be a 3070 desktop with win 7 drivers, and a laptop without. Is the issue happening with all play-back? Movies, music, streaming video, DVDs?

    If sound is the only issue with speed (video play OK, erc..) it's probably just the fact that you have no or the wrong drivers for it.

    You can try Vista drivers (if those are available) or extract the Vista or XP driver files from the download and point Windows directly to the files needed, but that may not work.
  2. it's a laptop. :( everything else is almost okay...only sound is creating trouble
  3. So your issue is lack of compatible drivers. If the suggestion I said to try with the other drivers did not work, you need to run an OS that the laptop was made for, or hope that eventually they will write Win 7 drivers for it. Or possibly find an external sound card to use like here, just make sure that those have Win 7 drivers also.
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