Antec NeoHE 550W PSU?

anyone have the Antec NeoHE 550W PSU? how is it?

FYI: i will be putting this in the Antec P-180 case with the Asus A8N32-SLI delux mobo.
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  1. If the internals are anything like the TPII 550watt it is rock solid.
  2. Havnt used that model but i have afriend who has, no complaints till now .
  3. I believe that is the Antec my friend had and it was DOA on arrival. I've also heard that is has problems with certain mobos, ie won't work/boot.

    Don't get me wrong I love Antec (have TrueBlue 480W in mine now) but I've read enough bad things about that particular one to avoid it. Believe it was newegg where I read the negative reviews, but granted sometimes on there you have to weed out the BS.
  4. ANTEC is known to make good PSUs. You shouldn't have any problems.

    Semper Fi Linux on!
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