Asus Extreme N7800 GT (Dual)

Hello all,

I was just wondering if anyone out there is using this card yet ? At a price of 800+ dollars I was hoping to hear from people before I drop that kind of cash for a video card.

Are you using this card ? Are you happy with it ? What motherboard are you using ?


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  1. Thanks for the info...

    Could you please point me to the benchmarks you are referring to ? The ones I've seen show the opposite to be true and I'd like to compare.

    Thanks again,

  2. I Also Have A Question......

    Will Those Dual-GPU Video Cards Work In A Non-SLI Motherboards As Well?
  3. Quote:
    A single 7800GTX 512MB costing ~$500 beats it.

    Are you joking? The GTX 512's MSRP is $649 for a start, and you'll do well to find it anywhere below $800. ZZF got a stock of BFGs in recently, sold 'em at $999 each and they sold out very quickly.

    Aside from that, the GTX 512 doesn't beat the Dual GT card - see Digit-Life's review:

    For the original poster - I have the Dual GT card and it worked fine in one of my PCIe sockets but not the other; this was on an A8N32-SLI mobo. Am trying a different motherboard at the moment - want to get it working properly in both sockets so I can get two and dabble with quad GPUs...
  4. Yes but the two GPUs run together in 'SLI' mode hence the system has to be capable of running that way/understanding the concept...

    All the recommended mobos on the product page are SLI. I haven't heard any reports of anyone testing it on a non-SLI mobo, I think you'd be very much in unknown territory...
  5. Quote:
    Two GPUs run together in SLI because you have two cards, this is just one card. It's like a dual core processor, it has 2 GPUs build onto one card. SLI is actually having two cards not one.

    Yes, but to run the two processors together you have to enable SLI mode in the nVidia drivers. Can you actually enable SLI without having an SLI motherboard?
  6. Quote:
    To enable SLI you need two cards not two GPUs

    I have the card. To use the two processors, you need to enable SLI mode in the nVidia drivers. Without it - no difference compared to using a single 7800GT.
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