Creative X-Fi and BF2

Has anyone had problems with the new X-Fi cards and the effect they have on playing BF2 on-line?

I purchased and installed a X-Fi Fatality card and my internet play has gone to the Creative tech forums a lot of people are complaining about the same thing but Creative has yet to address it.

Anyone have any suggestions on this issue?

Best Regards.

Chris R

System Specs

ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe (Orig BIOS)
2 GB Corsair RAM
XiFi Fatality Card
BFG Tech 6800 PCi Express
Plextor 716SA and 716A
Win XP Pro
NIC w/cable Modem connection, no router
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  1. I use the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music soundcard on Battlefield2 with no problems. Should have saved some money. ;)
  2. Well as there is no guarantee any developer will EVER optimize for X-RAM, as it represents such a small fraction of the might be better off listing your soundcard on craigslist, getting a good price for it, and buying something far cheaper.
  3. I am about to get BF2 so good to see this question coming up.

    I have just browsed thru creative forums and it seems that some patches for BF2 have side effects at certain system/bios settings e.g.:
    Some people with X-Fi have problems but most ppl do not.
    I guess you have to look closer at your PC configuration.

    Maybe it's IRQ sharing-make sure card has its own. If you use ACPI configuration try setting it into ACPI-PC with no IRQs above 16.
    If there are conflicts, move sound card to the other slot.
    Run chipset updates for mobo and flash bios to the latest version.
    Maybe try to increase the pci latency in the bios settings to 128.
    And make sure your card is in the GAMING mode.
    Lower the sound and performance settings - maybe your RAM, HD or some cache memory are too slow to too small etcetera.

    btw. HaZe303 tried to help you on creative forums but you have never replied to him instead you started seeking help here :D.
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