Partioning 320 GB WD Caviar Drives

Hi everyone
New to the forum. I realize that XP sp1/BIOS update needs to be installed in order to open up full capacity. The machine when purchased was at 320 gb however I wanted to wipe it clean and re-partition. I was unaware of the 130gb limitation in older XP CDs (which mine is)
There is a utility at WD's site that allows you to boot to a floppy disk in order to partition as you wish.
Click on Data Lifeguard Tools for DOS in box on right.

My system does not have floppy nor does it look like there is anywhere on the mb for a floppy cable to be snapped in so can't boot to floppy.
Is there anyway to get this utility bootable via CD instead of floppy? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Hmmm... unfortunately that stupid DOS utility is an EXE and just makes boot disks.

    If you can find the program in the application format (not the boot disk exe file), you can make a bootable CD and burn it. However, I'm not sure where you would find this utility.

    You can try this boot CD called Ultimate Boot CD. It's free and has those Data Lifeguard Tools (v 11.0) for DOS on it:

    (download is in the bottom section of the page and is in ISO format)

    You should be able to just boot from the CD and run the tools.

  2. Just slipstream SP2 into your install. It's super simple and you won't have to dick around with third party programs.

    If you aren't quite sure how to do it manually, or if you don't want to pump out a coaster or two trying, there is a really nice program available called AutoStreamer that will do everything but operate the disc drive for you.

    Although if you REALLY want to, perhaps I could extract the files from the WD floppy and upload them to my webspace for you to burn to a CD. I would only do this at request though since the previous option is a much better and more permanent solution.
  3. Okay...I haven't taken a shot at either of these yet but a BIG thanks for the replys guys. This is great help and i'll give it a shot over next couple of days.
  4. Another way if you don't slipstream. You could borrow someone else XP SP2 CD. Then just enter your key.


    Install as normal with the max you can get. The use partition magic to merge the partitions.
  5. ...yeah. Actually wanted to stay away from installing as is and then opening up capacity later. I know it's probably no big deal, but I'm using this pc only for audio recording and don't want to encounter issues as the result of improper byte allocation or some crazy error like that.
    I know there'll always be something...Just trying to get my install as clean as possible.
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