My windows 7 64 bit freezes daily.

It was doing this once before, but this time there is no BSOD. My system is biostar TH55b hd mobo, Asus ATI 5450 HD Graphics, 4 gigs ram, and several hundred gigs oh hd space. The description of the issue is that my pc freezes daily without any specific messages. Wish I could give you a better desription. This is a fresh reinstall of the os. Also there isn't any bluescreen hence there's no dump file, atleast that I know of. Can anyone point me in a direction?
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  1. Ok this might help you and me find the problem.

    Go to control panel -> administrative tools - > Event viewer. Look for any critical errors

    Post back the results.
  2. Power Supply, or bad capacitors on the motherboard.
  3. Why would the pc freeze if the power supply was bad, wouldn't it just shut down?
  4. Check your hdd for errors and run diagnostic software for your hd from the manufacturer's website.
    sfc/scannow of hd in safemode for missing or corrupt files.
  5. Event viewer says critical error "Kernal Power". WHat is this? Thank you all for replying.
  6. I still haven't fixed this problem. Also, sometime s it freezes and the light under my optical mouse goes out. I never get a blue screen of death the system just freezes.
  7. I shut down most background programs, and I also restored to a system restore date that was prior to recieving the freezes. Sadly the computer then start refreezing but with much more frequency. I bought another copy and it installed flawless. It's been on for a day straight and no freezes. I think i was a victim of fraud where someone took a windows beta copy and inserted a bootloader. Looks very geniune and it said activated, it also updated, but alast it wasn't. Someone used a lightscribe burner to write on the dvd to make it look legit. This cost me major dollars, so beware of scams. You are not immune on ebay. :ouch:
  8. Definitely... They told me OEM was issued to system manufacturers and no serial was needed. NOTE: Microsoft said a serial\CDkey is always needed. If it's an oem version then it should be in the enclosed material or on the machine itself. Be warned. Thanx everyone. Moderator... "Close this thread." :) Oops did I put, "Problem Solved."
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