Is this even possible????

Hey Everybody,

Here's a good one. I have a laptop who's motherboard has started to die. It has a new 60GB HDD, a new mini-PCI Intel wireless card and I have three 256MB SODIMM's. Does anyone know of a way to build a PC, preferably something portable but not necessarily a laptop, that will utilized these parts. I was hoping to make something akin to a barebones that would still need a monitor plugged in. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You can probally do it with a Shuttle type case but you will have to seriously customize it. Or you can make your own case - I saw one made out of a humidor once.
  2. Thanks for the idea Jagger. Any idea of a motherboard that will handle these parts?

  3. People build desktops with laptop components all the time. Just look harder.
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