Opteron 165 Vs X2 3800+ NOT Planning to OC

Hi, im spanish boy, so sorry if i dont have a good english or i comete serius mistakes. The way i want to go with this question is to know wich one of those processors are better without any overclock, meaning better performing in games and general software not in better stability, i cant find any review of them against. So, wich should i go with? i can get any of them by the same price. other question is if thats a good choice to wait for socket AM2, i dont care much at all if i have to wait 2 or 3 months but allways if the performance and the technology increase is good enough, thanks mates
sorry for my bad english and my mistakes.
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  1. hi, the opteron 165 = 1.8Ghz and 1Mb Cache x 2
    the athlon x2 3800+ = 2.0Ghz but 512Kb cache x 2.

    The difference in cache (512kb per core vs 1mb per core does not make up the difference in speed, 2.0ghz vs 1.8ghz).

    If you do not want to overclock, then the Athlon x2 3800+ is the faster processor.

    The opteron runs slower at stock speeds but it is generally a better overclocker.
  2. mmm thanks, so with the opteron i get a bit slower processor but with more overcloking potencial, im not planing to overclock it now but one or two years later its so interesting to do it. Life is made of difficult choices xDD. :roll:
  3. the reply is correct. But why wait 1-2 years? get a nice cooler for it now and OC it to about 2.7ghz per core. FASTER than an FX60 that costs $1100 USD now...

  4. yes, thats true, but i want the less noisy air cooled pc and.... if i overclock i would get more dB and i really dont need such a speedy processor right now
  5. I am not so sure it will hit 2700, unless you are lucky, maybe 2680 or so, but it should run stable at 2600MHz.
    At least my Opty 175 behaves that way...
  6. I believe both can hit 2.6 GHz Easly. My 2x 3800 did. I guess it comes down to if you like the work Opteron or 2x 3800???
  7. I believe that too.
    Mine runs stable at 2.68 with no crashes for 3 days, but I am conservitive since it is new and run it at 2420 to be safe since I do not want to create problems that are not there. ;)
  8. x2 all the way
  9. Check:


    Either are suitable for most tasks, unless you need a feature specific to a given core rev / stepping, A large caches helps in most server tasks though.

    Socket 939 Opteron 100 series (vs Socket 940) was an 'interesting' move by AMD.
  10. i have a 1 core opty,144 and i dont believe when i see with stock cooler reaches 2550mhz with 23º idle....... 35 full load.

    optys are a great choice,in the 1 or 2 cores solution!

    i spent 150€ and is like a 1000€ cpu! :lol:

    so i advise u to buy opty.dont overclok now.then in 6 moths OC the CPU just a litle,like 100MHZ OR 500MHZ!



    normal i dont use OC in my cpu.........
  11. I was ready to get a Athlon 64x2 4400 2mb Cache before i came across this forum!


    Im reading more about this Opteron 165 and 175 and their OC capabilities, im finding it hard to make a decision before i start buying and piecing together parts. Plus i hear AMD is going to make a new chipset for the Opteron's to accept DDr2 memory.

    So i ask.
    Whats the difference and main uses for a Dual Opteron? Athlon X2's i understand is a perfect weapon for Gaming.

    I plan to use my new AMD system for 3d Animation uses and gaming.

    Which should i swing to, Athlon 64x2 or Dual Opteron?
  12. With the 3d animation and everything, i would go with the opteron. Now it may not be as fast as the 3800+ x2, but you can run hard all night long without blistering it. To me it just makes sense to go with the Opty.
  13. For 3D animing... use Opteron OC , as it's cache will speed up some response for animation (as it respond better in 2d games), but don't skimp on VGA and RAM or U will have others bottlenecks than CPU...
    For a silent cooling U should not forget Zalman or Tuniq coolers which are quieter than box coolers and will offer safe OC... Regarding the choice... as someone told me when I got my Opteron 165 ... Why 1 MB cache ? Well nevermind.... but remember that FX-60 also have that... after this advice... I got 165 instead 3800...
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