Windows Virtual Memory to low error

I am running windows xp pro and here are my system specs
4x256MB Corsair DDR PC3200
Gigabyte K8nxpsli motherboard
gigabyte 6600gt pci-e
amd 4000+ san diego
Thermaltake Armor Case

I will get the error message alot for some odd reason. Sometimes when the pc is going slow i look in the task manager and the PF usage is like 2.5GB which is bad. I dont know why it is giving me the message i have done all i can do to fix it but keeps coming up please help.

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  1. If you look at the processlist, and then goto View -> Select Columns, you can enable Virtual Memory Size, and Memory Usage, and Peak Memory Usage.

    That should let you see which process is grabbing all the virtual memory.

    B.O.I.N.C for example is designed to grab large amounts of virtual memory, and while they claim it doesnt affect computer performance, in my experience it does.

    You may have an application with a memory leak, or even some form of virus/trojan/spyware which is taking your computer resources.

    If you cant find anything under the processlist which is using the memory, then its possible that the program using it is a rootkit of some kind, able to conceal its existance from the 'Standard' windows tools. If this is the case, you'll have to find an alternative tool. There are several 'better than microsofts' versions on Task Manager which give alot more detail to the programs running on your computer, and many of these will not be fooled by attempts by a program to stealth it from the standard task manager.

    Hope you find the application thats eating up your virtual memory.
  2. THanks for the fast reply. Still with enabling those few things doesnt help that much but shows more info which is cool. Do you know of another better task manager i could use that is awsome and free? Im sure i dont have any viruses and what not have pretty good protection with that :P

    Found this on Mark Russinovich's website, as he's the guy who discovered the sony BMG CD 'Rootkit' I would guess its a fairly good one, and it certainly seems to show alot of detail.

    I've not tried it myself, but its certainly worth a look. It comes in different versions, so make sure you get the windows XP version.
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