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I am having some issues with my computer booting off the other computers here. I have a computer with windows 7 and it is booting the other two computers from our wireless connection, both of the other computers run Windows XP, and belong to others here, and when I use my computer it keeps booting the others offline and they have to reconnect and my computer ends up slowing their connection. Does anyone know why my computer keeps booting the other two computers off our connection. Any help on this is very much appreciated. I use my computer a lot daily and so do the others here, this is becoming a huge problem.
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  1. How is the wireless network setup? The other computers are not setup to use yours are the wireless connection are they?

    Each computer on a wireless connection slows up the others, but you may also have some issues with your network card. You can check for updated wireless network drivers for your card. If you are running an older card, the router may be stepping down the connection to work with yours (mixed environment). It should not be actually disconnecting the other wireless clients.
  2. We are all using the same wifi connection, and are you talking a network card in each of our laptops, the other two laptops work fine together online at the same time as they run Windows XP, this laptop however runs Window 7 and when I cut it on and connect it boots the others off, they can reconnect, but will keep getting booted off throughout, which sometimes happens to this computer as well, but not as much as their computers, it also seems to hog most of the bandwidth so their computers load and refresh really slowly. We tried updating the router and making sure it had all its updates in case that was it, and that shut off the connection until everything was reversed as none of the laptops could connect then.
  3. Updating the firmware on the router should help, but you may need to reconfigure the wireless settings. Also you should get the latest drivers for the laptop wireless cards. Just make sure you know the wireless configuration and how to set it up again if needed.

    You may need to check the wireless signal in the area when the laptop connects, but for that you'd need someone that knows networking to check on it.
  4. Thanks guys, we actually solved this today by getting another router, this one is a router-modem all in one and it works great!!! Thank you guys for all your help!!!!
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