Which high end RAM is better

I was going to get OCZ EL Platinum PC3200 2GB 2X1GB DDR400 CL2-3-2-5 184PIN Pin Dual Channel Memory Kit /W Ramsink for $325

but then i was told that this OCZ EL Platinum REV.2 (TCCD) PC3200 1GB 2X512MB DDR CL 2-2-2-5 184PIN DIMM Dual Channel Memory Kit for $205

was better, but then i looked some more and found OCZ EL platinum elite (TCCD) 1gb 2x512mb PC4800 DDR600 2.5-4-4-10 for $279

I will mainly be gaming and my system will be an asus a8n sli premium, an AMD 3700+, western digital SE16 caviar 250gb hardrive 7200rmp 16mb 8.9ms and a BFG 7800gtx which i may buy another eventually,

so, which RAM is best andis it worth the extra money to get DDR600
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  1. I think it depends on how much OCin' you do. Personally speaking I'm picking up some Patriot RAM hopefully soon. From what I've heard from others here and around, Patriot RAM is a solid performer and handles OCin' pretty good.


    Pretty reasonable too... $228.50 for 2gigs? Yeah.
  2. Quote:
    If you play BF2 or WoW then you'll need 2x1GB.

    Huh?!? 2 gigs for World of Warcraft?!? The game has been out for a while and seems to run solid on 1 gig... any noticable difference between 1 and 2 gigs on WoW??
  3. Quote:
    More chronic slowdowns when WoW is paging out to the HDD especially on a large map or when loading.

    Well what's your opinion then? Like I said a long time ago I'm using Corsair ValueSELECT RAM on my mobo but I'm tempted at some 2x1024 sticks of Patriot RAM PC3200 timed at 2-3-2-5, I think...

    BUT I'd like to save up some money and possibly get a better video card than my current 6600GT...

    Man I hate making priorities.
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