Help requested: Black screen following 6800GS upgrade

If anyone can help with possible solutions to this problem I'd be very grateful. Existing system:
KG7 Lite mobo
XP1700+ at stock
DVD drive
Antec 400W PSU
Geforce 3 Ti200
Latest bios and drivers all installed.

I went to install a replacement video card (6800GS) and as installation neared completion the screen went black with a flashing cursor in the top left corner of the screen. Booted ok into safe mode (no report of problems with the card thru control panel), have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers (used driver cleaner pro in between) and get same problem. Installation completes if I do so in safe mode but on restart I get a black screen after windows XP logo/loading bar. Have tried latest beta drivers and drivers on CD packaged with the new card. All the same. I have the additional 4-pin molex connected and the fan runs ok.
So, my only idea at present is that the PSU is not giving enough power to the card. Reading various forums the only other suggestion is monitor refresh rates but I'm not convinced by this. Any other suggestions that I might be overlooking. The mobo is using 1.5V AGP 4X so this shouldn't be the issue.
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  1. Unless your psu is running off spec you shouldn't have any problems there iot should have enough power. Try uping the agp voltage to 1.6V if it does the same see if you can try it in a friends system. also running a driver cleaner program before trying to install the video drivers cant hurt.
  2. This may sound like a long shot.
    But maybe windows is putting your video on either the TV out out the DVI Out.
    My X850 did that to me when i first installed (but it was because i did not remove the old drivers)

    And this sounds just the same
    computer posts - You see it?
    Windows screen loads - You see it
    Windows loads the login and switches to DVI/TV

    Sounds like a long shot but boot it up and when it goes blank plug the screen into the DVI port with the adapter if needed (if your card has dual DVI then just switch to the other one)

    if you have a tv near by i would not hurt

    Hope this helps, but i have not had an nvidia card since my Geforce4 ti 4200(was a good card)

    If it is this give a shout and i will walk you through a fix
  3. Thanks for the replies.
    I'll take a look at both suggestions when I get home later. Any other recommendations obviously welcome. It's very depressing having such a great card sat there not cranking out some quality 3D like it should! Anyone else had problems clearing out nvidia drivers? I think maybe last night I didn't run driver cleaner in safe mode as I perhaps should have - another thing to try later!
    Anyone benchmarked the BFG 6800GS AGP yet?
  4. the only one i have is
    please note that the AGP is clocked slower....but seems to be a solid upgrade!
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