Good upgrade for my current setup?

Here is my current setup:

P4 3.0ghz Prescott
1gb DDR Corsair XMS
ATI x300se

What card should I get to open up the bottleneck I have with the x300? I was thinking either an x800GTO, x1600xt, 6800GS.

I am a moderate gamer... CS:S, farcry, aoe3. However, I do some video encoding that strains the system quite a bit... I thought the x1600 might be good for this.

What would work well?
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  1. i would take a serious look at the x1600 should be a good card
  2. I'd stay away from the X1600... too many weird benchmark showings. Drivers aren't quite solid yet, IMHO.

    For under $150 the X800 GTO 128mb is the best bet by far.

    If you're hitting about $200 the 6800 GS and X800 XL are both good buys. the X800 XL is better stock, and the 6800 GS is a better choice for an overclocker.

    But if video encoding is a bigger priority than gaming for you, the 1600 wouldnt be a bad choice too.
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