When I post..

When I post, i can't see my own posts, but i can my name is the author and/or last person to respond, any help? :lol:
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  1. i can see this one.. first one of 6 that i have made that i can see... anyone know what to do?
  2. is there supposed to be a regular reply button and not just a reply button on each persons post to post without quote as well? i have the newest firefox and IE 7 B2 for browsers.
  3. I can post other forumz (well, at least in the Hardware Forum), but not in the Gaming Forum... No clue why, my posts draw no text whatsoever, and its pissing me off. Can we get some resolution as to why this would happen? Its been like this for a while now I think
  4. Yeah, gaming is where i posted as well, and no text, its like i didnt post, but i did. It's really annoying yes.. Weird phpbb problem? Possible PHP problem?
  5. any other ideas?
  6. Does staff even check this section? :p
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