2 n00b questions (CPU mobo)

Hello all!
I've been a THG reader for a while, but I still consider myself to be a hardware n00b. I have 2 questions that have been bugging me lately about my current maching I've been running for 3 years :

1) I recently installed and ran CPU-Z with the following results:
CPU-Z Results
Intel P4 Northwood 2.40GHz
Package : mPGA-478
--> Core Speed : 1200 MHz <--
Multiplier : x12.0
FSB : 100 MHz
Bus Speed : 400 MHz

Shouldn't my Core Speed be displayed as 2400 MHz? Am I running at 1/2 speed, or am I reading it wrong?

2) I have been considering installing my current components in a mATX case. Currently I have an Intel D845GEBV2 mobo (ATX size). Can anyone reccomend an inexpensive mATX mobo that will work with my CPU that has an AGP slot and built in LAN?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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  1. Yes, you are running at 1/2 speed.
    You need to go into the bios, and set your base speed to 200, so you have an FSB speed of 800.
    Not a big fan of micro form factor. While your chip is not too hot, it will warm up quite a bit in cramped spaces.
  2. Hmm.....
    Are you 100% sure this is a 200MHz FBS / 800MHz bus CPU?

    If so, that means that the people who built this PC screwed me by installing a 100MHz FSB / 400MHz bus max mobo (thanks alot Comp-USA!) Let's say that I were to get a 200MHz FSB / 800MHz bus mobo. Would my current PC2700 RAM be compatable (2 sticks 512 each)?
    Would this be an acceptable mobo choice?

    I guess it's time to list my system setup:

    Intel d845GEBV2 mobo (100FSB / 400 bus)
    Northwood 2.4 w/HT (multiplier 12.0 means 200FSB / 800 bus compatable?)CPU-Z Readout
    2x512 PC2700 RAM
    GeForce FX5200
    Maxtor 60GB HDD
    Sony CD-ROM
    3.5 floppy
    Premier 300w PSU
  3. You should definitely be able to up your bus to 200 MHz. I didn't think that there were any Northwood CPUs or Motherboards that ran under 200MHz.
  4. Quote:
    Would my current PC2700 RAM be compatable (2 sticks 512 each)?
    Yes. Any half-decent Socket 478 board for your chip would allow you to run the RAM at 166Mhz with the FSB at 200 (Would probably even autodetect at this level). Your RAM might be capable of 200Mhz with a slight voltage bump and relaxed timings (Those P4s don't really benifit from low latency RAM - fast RAM helps more).

    If you're sure it's supposed to be 2.4Ghz, and is being reported as a multi of 12x, then it must be a 200/800 P4. So yes, they screwed you. Go and demand some compensation from them. Threatening legal action will probably work wonders - you might be able to get a little payout just to shut them up :mrgreen:

    I didn't think that there were any Northwood CPUs or Motherboards that ran under 200MHz.
    Northwood was available in A, B, and C revisions. A was 100/400 bus, B was 133/533, and only C was 200. That said, many of them would happily run at much higher bus speeds - e.g. the Northwood A 1.6Ghz was virtually guaranteed to be happy at 150Mhz / 2.4Ghz. it was a popular overclockers chip at the time, and a few 133/533 chips would be able to just about hit 200Mhz on the right mobo (EDIT: ACtually, I think I could be wrong there, I'm thinking about being able to overclock the MOBO to 200Mhz to accept a newer 800FSB chip... not sure if there where any P4s that could cope with that come to think of it...)
  5. Great info so far guys!

    Here is the latest :

    I popped the heatsink off the CPU to reveal the die makings :


    So yes, I got a retarded mobo for this CPU. And to think, I've been using this computer for gaming (with decent results) for 3 years now at 1/2 power!

    Here is my plan :
    I have been wanting to get an Aspire X-QPACK case to match my other computer and make the room look nice. Since I would have to get an mATX type mobo to fit the case, I may as well get a ASUS p4p800-VM. Then I would reuse my GeForce FX5200, 1GB PC2700 RAM, and drives.

    How does this setup sound? I just wanted to make sure before I waste money and end up with a crazy combo like what I have! Thanks for helping out a n00b!
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