DX10 Tech Demo from Crytek

For those of you who missed it, Crytek has released a video of the DX10 features they are playing with for FartCry 2 aka Crysis.


Pretty impressive. I like alot of the demos of the effects (except soft particle seemed weak), I'm just curious of performance impact, and what will be required. The interacive desctructable environments sounds more like a CPU / PPU physics thing though despite the flexability of VPU.
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  1. I agree, that looks like quite nice. The Soft Particle smoke looked nice, but I have yet to see a game where the Fire looks really realistic. The first PPU (Ageix PhysX) coming out in Feb 06 by ASUS should spark developers to start using a PPU in their games, and when the first Dx10 cards come we can each get a hands-on look at the future of Gaming, I recently installed the Dx10 SDK to look at some demos that I can use to help my own Game Development career, but they all require a Dx10 Card with Vista installed, so I think that was a bit early in release.

    From what I read, Dx10 was mostly adding in features to help developers to more easily create and manage game code, and allow more flexibility with programmable graphics pipelines (HLSL, Cg, I use Cg personally, i find it easier) but it appears extras (Shader Model 4.0 & others) are implemented inside Dx10 as well, I am really looking forward to Dx10 as it could bring the level of graphics in games to a all new high. Only thing left is to come up with fun ideas, because we all know a game with the worlds best graphics but crappy storyline aint worth playin' (Doom 3 anybody? ^_^). That's my 2 cents.
  2. Nifty stuff. I was impressed by the interactive foliage, strangely enough.

    And the character face detail at the end there.
  3. Yep, I found that cool, and the way the ambient light changed in the night/day segment.

    Also the sun-ray diffuse transmission looks cool but I see only very limited uses for this (maybe in conjunction with fog for driving games?).
  4. I thought it was very cool as well. I'm a big fan of Fart Cry.
  5. mabye its just me but the clouds impressed me the most. then the interactive plants :)

    fire still dont look like fire. and the soft shadows i couldnt really see much, rays of light not that useful and its something that could be implemented now, day night cycles? have we not had games do that before? or was i dreaming it.

    destructive enviroments can already be created, look at Red FAction or the CS:source engine farbeit little things in source but red faction basically allowed you to carve your own path through the rocks.
  6. Quote:
    I thought it was very cool as well. I'm a big fan of Fart Cry.
    FarCry is my favorite game. I never realized you liked it as well because you always call it Fart Cry. Why do you call it that?

    PS I'm running Knoppix, is there a way to view the new video from Knoppix? I can play wmv files in xine but I don't have a bowser plugin for Mozilla.
  7. FartCry comes from an nV app detection name change from way back by Chip.de;


    I liked the name, and so I stick with it.
  8. One small note: This wont be Far Cry 2 as Ubi (? or whoever their previous pub was) owns the franchise. This is a new franchise, tentatively being called Crysis.

    Looks really nice. The fire / smoke looked very weak and the foiliage LOD popping was annoying, but the volumetric clouds, skin shaders, interactive foiliage, destructable buildings, etc... all looked VERY good.

    I am sure they have done a LOT since last Spring when this was first shown too. I do wonder though which of the effects cannot be done in DX9c (SM3.0) GPUs? SM3.0 has dynamic branching and flow control... from what I have heard it seems a LOT of DX10 proposed features have been cut. The shading language will be unified but IHVs can choose how to impliment it in hardware, there will be a geometry shader, but I think the ability to create/destroy vertices at any point has been lost to a degree. Hopefully it is a major upgrade.
  9. holy monkey. this llooks farking amazing. esp that one scene where the dude is creeping through the plant there. nice. i like the coulds too... they're so pretty.... i jst want to be among the clousd

    i'm so high right now
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