Please review my proposed system any suggestions appreciated

I have started aquiring parts for my new system. The intended use is for my at home buisness but I also like to play games. I plan to do some overclocking with the machine but overclocking is new to me and i am just realy starting to understand everything.

These are parts that have been ordered.
AMD Opteron 170 retail stepping CCBWE 0546 XPMW
Lian Li PC60A Plus
NEC 3550A burner
Sony DDU1615 DVD ROM
Lian Li Card Reader
Generic floppy
Bezels for drives.

These are parts I plan to order.
Epox 9NPA+SLI mother board
OCZ Gold DDR500 Mem or Mushkin Extreme DDR500 so I can run 1T timmings.
EVGA 7800GT Video Card May buy 2 cards but depends on funds at time.
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card.
Seagate 7200.9 250 gig SATA hard drive.
Silverstone st60f 600 watt power supply or PC power&cooling 510SLI depending on funds.

These are parts I already have.
Samsung SyncMaster 930B
Creative 5.1 speaker system Not sure what model have had for a while. But pretty good. Pobably upgrade in future.

Not sure If I want to try the heat pipe cooler that came with the processor being I have the CPU duct in the case. Or if I should by a Thermalright XP90 with fan. I have read some reviews that say the stock Opteron coolers are pretty good and maybe bringing in outside cool air would keep temps low enough. I hopefully can have an overclock in the 2.6 to 2.7 range.

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments are always appreciated.


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  1. If you plan to aim for 2.6 or 2.7 GHz, get an aftermarket cooler. The XP-90 copper version is reported to be one of the best (I have a Zalman 7700 CU so I'm not playing fanboy here).

    If you eventually plan to go with SLI, I think 510W for the PSU may be a little light. However, I just tend to be conservative with my power requirements.

    Make sure you get eVga's 517 model - it comes factory OC'ed at 470/1100
  2. I guess I better try not to be cheap. I will get the thermalright. Its just that I have seen some success with pretty low vcore's on some of the opty's. But its not worth the chance of cooking the processor.

    From what I understand the PC power & cooling is very conservatively rated. I think peak on it is like 650 watts. Big down fall with it is price.

    Thanks for the evga advice that is what I will look for.

    Other than that does it seem like a pretty solid rig?


  3. As they say in Mexico - "Es muy bueno"

    The Sliverstone is a great PSU - I always forget about them though. Enermax is great too.

    Last note, I cannot comment on the Epox MB. I literally know nothing about these boards. My personal preference, as far as mfgs go, are Abit, Asus and Tyan.
  4. Everything that I have read on the EPOX has been positive. Most reviews say that if you are new to overclocking that it is the one to get. Which I am very new to overclocking. I have also seen reviews that says that the perform almost as well as the DFI's but they are more stable.

    I guess I will give it a shot.


  5. If Ya Wana Save $$ Use The Cooler That Came With The CPU (Im Certain It Will Still Allow A Nice Overclock) Otherwise Id Go Aftermarket Like Jagger Suggested, Otherwise I Like Your System Specs And Planned Additions Nothing Worng With That

    But However (If Ya Havent Considered It Already) Id Reccommend 2GB Of RAM (Please Look At My Systems Specs Below)

    And Speaking Of Cooling Im Just Using An $18.00 Copper Referance "Copy" Of The Stock AMD Cooler By Kingwin (It Just Has A Slightly Faster Fan And Is All-Copper) And Take A Note At My Overclock My CPU Temps Are 91F Idle/ 112F Under Load
  6. Totally agree with Hella - get 2GB of Ram.
  7. Tanx For Agreeing, Peace
  8. I was planning to get 2GB of ram. Should have put that in my first post.


  9. Good Choice
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