A8N-SLI premium Nforce chipset problem?

Has anyone had the issue where when you load the A8N NForce4 chipset drivers that it disables XP because it kills the windows/system32/PCi driver?

My board is BIOS 1009, and I simply loaded the chipset drivers off of the Asus CD that came with the board. Reboot and no go because of the missing file.

If I replace the missing PCI driver file by DOS copy commands from a floppy at the windows repair screen, will the Nvidia chipset drivers really even be working? To me it seems like the Nforce PCI driver isn't working, and that it SHOULD replace the XP default PCI driver. If I put the default driver back in, have I really loaded anything? I'm pretty sure that this problem will repeat itself over and over since it isn't too involved (it will if I keep PC-cillin "on"!) . Load the chipset drivers and it kills the PCI driver with a missing or inoperative Nforce4 PCI driver.

Everything else seems in order with the board. Two 6800GTs' SLI, AMD X2 3800+ CPU. The rest of the hardware is native to the board.

What I loaded PRIOR to the Nvidia chipset driver(s);
almost the newest 6800GT drivers.
Sound chip drivers.
1Gig Ethernet driver.
PC-Cillin-----BIG probability I had this ON when I installed the Nforce 4 chipset driver!!

I have looked up, on another PC, how to reinstall the missing pci.sys driver. If this gets me to windows, I'll reinstall the ASUS CD-ROM Nforce4 driver to overwrite any corruption caused by PC-cillin not allowing proper driver configuration, then uninstall them all and load the newest drivers fron Nvidia's site. If this fails, I'll just start over again and reinstall everything and make sure I turn PC-cillin OFF.
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  1. OK, I copied in the missing pci.sys file with a floppy from another XPSP2 PC, and it booted up. I STOPPED the PC-cillin software and reinstalled the Nvidia chipset drivers to make sure they configured correctly.

    PRESTO, it rebooted fine. I know that we forget anti-virus software is back there, and it usually is not an issue but it bit me (pun intended) on this driver installation!

    So far, this A8N has been the easiest mboard to set up in recent memory, considering all what is on it. I have on more raid driver to F6 load and the device manager will be clean to go.
  2. Yeah, I've got the same board and it works fabulously. (did that sound gay?)

    Seriously, i setup windows using the NVRAID controller and it worked without a hitch.

    It's a great board.

  3. Quote:
    Yeah, I've got the same board and it works fabulously. (did that sound gay?)

    Yup, sound very gay
  4. if you updated you bios earlier, the clue may be that the chipset driver from your cd ( if below v6.65 ) that crashed the file system.

    i had a similar problem with an asus a8n-sli...
    if you don't update the chipset driver before to flash bios, it crashes the file system.

    then, if you have an updated bios and that you load the driver from the cd comming with the motherboard ( and that it's below v6.65 ) i guess that it can loses some files
  5. 1) how do i know what version of a chipset driver i have. and how do i update it, if i need to
    2) im running bios 1008, can someone post in baby steps how to update the drivers using a FDD?
    Forgive the noob, he does not know what he does.
  6. with my a8n-sli
    came a cd for a8n series. on it i can read, chipset drivers v6.65
    and the installation feature gives the version number.

    for the driver update, i'm not certain of what you could do.
    if your system can boot in safe mode, you can install then.

    on asus website you have everything you should need.
    i can't help you further than that, maybe pat could
    knowing your chipset driver is wrong version.
    or at least, not for your current bios version
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