Raptor 74 or 150

What do you recommend for my new computer? I dont have a very big budget.

By the way I am selling my laptop on Ebay... please look and bid if you like it. It is great working and cosmetic condition.

Link is in my SIGNATURE!
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  1. I know the 150 is more money but it is a better preformer as well.
  2. Depends on your storage capacity needs....

    A Raptors' speeds are impressive, but the recent SATA 150 Barracudas are no slouches either, and might be less money, since you said budget was a factor...

    If you can live without a Raptors' blazing speeds, one can usually find 200-250GB 7200/16 meg cache Maxtors on sale at CompUSA for around $59 about once a month....

    For a $100 savings, I'll live with my games taking 3-5 seconds longer to load...! :-)
  3. According to a review I read recently, the 74 gig Raptor is more optimized for single user/desktop performance. The new 150 gig is optimized more towards enterprise/raid setups. I would go for the cheaper alternative - the new 16 meg buffer Maxtor's, they are plenty fast and much cheaper.
  4. To get any benefit from the raptors, you should be looking @ 3 * the size of data you plan to put on it.
    Above a 1/3 usage, the newer larger drives will give better perf. For example, the inner lanes of a raptor run at 3925 inches per minute, while the center of a 300 gig 7200 rpm drive travel at 5892 inches per minute. The 300 gig drive would be faster.
  5. 8O Wow i think Im playin game 24hrs hehehe
    it is already 1:18, Moring!!!

    like other opinion, 8) If you have Enough money to buy HDD go for 150 10k Raptors
    fast and more space, but if ur on a budget pick 7200RPM HDD with 120GB cheaper, not too fast like raptor, and more space. I think you will never used all the 500GB space for gaming only, so the 120~160GB is though.
    about the 74GB RAP i think its ok, but too small.. :)
  6. The 150! Because: bigger is always better--and faster is always better--so bigger and faster would be best, right?
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