asus K8N4-E+speedfan...wich is what?

hi all. i have speedfan installed on my pc and i was wondering how can i know what "temp" is what. i managed to know what my cpu temp and mobo temp are but for the rest i can't. i used sisoft sandra to compare temps with speedfan and to know what is what... do u guys know how i can do this for the other temps?

my config panel looks like this:

temp1 ACPI temp1 40c ISA $0
CPU IT8712F temp2 34c ISA $290
PSU IT8712F temp3 33c ISA $290
mobo IT8712F temp1 36c ISA $290
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  1. Same here mate, Sorry I cannot help, BUT can anybody else advise us?

    Asus a8n-32-sli mobo.
    1. The SpeedFan monitor program shows Temp Sensors of CPU 27c & Chipset 30c, BUT also :
    a) REMOTE temp, which when cpu runs at 100% (like in fs9) shows Red 58c.
    b) Local Temp 27c

    What is that worrying REMOTE one at 58c, when under 100% CPU usage, with Red Flame warning.

    All components on the mobo feel either cool or lukeworm on the touch.

    Perhaps I am not really configuring properly the Speedfan. Any body you uses it & has any clues?

    I could ofcourse untick Remote and will not show up at all. But would that be right?

  2. duh, why don`t you guys use Asus Probe or Everest Home Edition???

    BTW, I had an Asus K8N4-E Deluxe before I moved like 1000 miles away. I just received another K8N4-E Deluxe (already had an Athlon 3700+).

    If you guys figure out how to view the northbridge chipset temperature, let me know. I`d also like to know if you have OCZ Platinum RAM and if it works OK at 1T command rate.
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