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Hi Everyone,
Long time reader first time poster :)... I'm on a project where I am working with roughly 3 machines at the same time. I'm often performing the same operation on all the machines. (Each machine has it's own Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse & Wacom tablet.) (I do QA testing actually).

I'm looking for a product that will allow SIMULTANEOUS input from my Keyboard & Mouse to control all machines at once.
I can't seem to find it anywhere so chances are I may have to modify something that already exists.

Can anyone shed some light on a product or on what technical steps I might go through to create my own? (sort of like a USB Distribution Amplifier)
While I have a KVM switch it doesn't do what I need. I also just picked up a 4X1 USB peripheral switch which also doesn't fit my requirements. Specifically I'm trying to cut back on the redundancy of performing the same steps on each machine. While there may be other ways to accomplish this a device that allows multi output would be a ideal.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. alas, I have never heard of such a product, sorry....
  2. what about hooking up all the computers to a usb hub and then running the keyboard and mouse off of the hub?
    Dont know for sure if its feasable or not but thats what came to mind.
  3. That's possible in theory but most of the products I've seen so far only allow either
    a. several USB inputs & only output to 1 computer.
    This is typically used when someone wants to connect multiple devices to one machine.
    b. I've also seen switches that allow switchable input. Imagine a USB printer that's shared via this device among 4 machines. The problem with these is they don't all Simultaneous output of the USB signal. Instead the user is required to switch which computer they want to use the USB device with.

    I appreciate the ideas but sadly I don't think anything exists. I have a friend who may help me sauder my own device together. it's worth a shot. :) Tks for the feedback
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