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I remember seeing a power supply in my computer shopper mag that had all the cables detachable so that you could only connect the ones that you needed and thus reduce the cable clutter in yer box...however i cna't seem to find that ad in any of the ones i still have and was wondering if:

A) you guys know the manufacturer/model


B) Have any of you had any good or bad experiences with these types of power supplies

Thanks ahead of time
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  1. Here's a couple:



    I'm sure the other big boys make 'em too. Like Thermaltake.

  2. Im not sure, But i think an Antek might have what you're looking for. :!:
  3. Here's one as well


    I have one, installed in an overclocked 939 system, very stable. I was so impressed I purchased another, and just installed it on a new build and found it is doa.
  4. dont get the ultra one, maximum pc did a review (i think it was them) and it was very unstable, didnt run the voltages in operating range, and the system crashed many times during testing... they are cheap and look pretty nice, but i guess u get waht u pay for... all the money into look and is good for nothing more than a paperweight
  5. I was gonna get one. Thanks for the info bro
  6. well i was looking around for reviews of the ultra modular psu, and i found many sites saying it was very good


    thats just one i happened to find, theres hundrews if u type in "ultra xconnect modular power supply reviews" into google... i guess the 500 watt one is a lot better than the first ones to be released? my understanding was that they sucked, but i guess the new ones are very good... anyone else know about these and know if there good or not?
  7. nope. I am holding out to see if my 400W can hold me over. In retrospect, I think one of my old systems got fried out by the power supply so I am leery of it. If anything, i will get a premium antec. Who else can you trust?
  8. actually i hear antec psu's have been quite crappy lately :P i trust thermaltake with my life, i love there coolers fans psus cases, all of there stuff is top notch.. consider a thermaltake modular psu, its 120 for the 500 watt...
  9. thnks for the tip. I'll look into it.
  10. np, im not saying antec is bad im just saying that lately ive heard of bad psu's frying systems and such... and since ur looking into a psu that wont do that... just look out on forums and read reviews before purchasing..
  11. i got an antec neopower 480 about 2 months ago and my comp has been running flawlessly on it.
  12. yea... i simply just heard that they arnt as high of quality as they used to be and probably 1% or less have been defective... so im sure there still great psu's its just somthing to be aware of...
  13. good thread.......now I want to go get another psu. My case looks like an octopus and has 300 zip ties keeping it all in place.

    question......500w is sufficient enough for my system below. It seems to run fine with 480, but should I consider 600w? Or is that just over kill?
  14. 500 is plenty, ur system could prob run on a 400 watt, but u should have a least a 500 for future upgrades and for a longer life out of ur system/psu.. having extra power is never a bad thing
  15. I'll tell you this. I just put a 6800 in an overclocked p4 system with the same Thermaltake you have. Now the system won't overclock at all. I'm assuming it is the psu. I would have thought 480w was plenty. Given this, I wouldn't consider 600w overkill.

    Abit Is7
    3.2 ghz (northwood)
    1 gb Patriot pc 3200 xlbk
    6800 (16 pipelines enabled)
    480w Thermaltake Purepower (awaiting replacement psu)
  16. I have recently put together 2 different computers, both with ThermalTake's POLO 12 410W power supply (the ones with the single 12cm blue LED fan that come with a cooler, a case fan and fan controllers), both of which have died on me after a few days or weeks of using them. I sent one of them back a second time because a few weeks down the track again it came up randomly with the same fault again, an extremely high pitched whine whenever I tried to put power through it.

    But, I have used a ThermalTake Butterfly 480W psu in another system which has run totally flawlessly for ages. Next to a generic power supply, you can see the Tt psu shows far superior quality and also looks good too.

    I am no longer buying Thermaltake POLO 12. Can't trust 'em enough. Am considering using Enermax or someone else's psu's from now on. Anyone else had a problem with these?
  17. ive got a generic Tt psu (400 watts) runs stable as far as i know..
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