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I'm building a new desktop PC with two internal hard drives, one for backup. Do you have a recommendation for hards drives in the 100-200GB capacity?

My primary applications are: (1) Office/Word application and (2) Photoshop. I (do not) use the computer for gaming. Reliability is the most important feature; my livelihood will be on those drives.

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  1. I've been using Seagate Barracudas since they came out with no failures personally. I've installed hundreds of others into customers' comps. Only one failure, after five years of 24/7 (it was backed up).

    They have 5 year guarantees and are a good blend of reliability, performance, & price.
  2. I had previously narrowed down my choices to the new Samsungs and Western Digital, thinking that Seagate was more speed and performance oriented, toward gamers etc., so your suggestion sheds new light on the equation, thanks pscowboy
  3. with response to your question i would go with what has the best amount of space for the price.

    I wqould stay away from maxtor dur to being bought out by seagate. I would recomend either western digital or samsung. seagate is kind of iffy. but all are good
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