6800 GS or X800 GTO2

These two video cards are entising and especially for price point too. If I get the x800 GTO2 I will over clock it. Does anyone know if there is a review against these two cards.
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  1. or should i wait for and get 7800GT
  2. I purchased 2 6800GS's and am running them in SLI, in single card solution, compared to my friend's x800GTO2 after he unlocked all 16 pipelines (PCI-Express 6800GS cannot be unlocked to 16 pipes, the AGP version can), it is approx. 2-5% faster, but that is only after he severly overclocks card to 550MHz Core and 1300MHz Memory, mine is at 525MHz Core and 1220MHz Memory. It really won't matter which you go with, unless you get people in this forum talking about "OpenGL is better with ATI/nVidia" and they never shut up, just choose w/e is cheapest for you.

    My 2 GS's on Quake 4 at 1280x1024 High Quality & Ultra Quality 4x Anti-Aliasing I get constant 60FPS (Quake 4 locks frames at 60). I can run 8x and 16x Anti-Aliasing and pull down 20-30 FPS constant as well. F.E.A.R. plays constant 60-120 FPS on 1024x768 at Max Settings w/o Soft Shadows (It's useless) and 4x Anti-Aliasing/16x ASF, and Call of Duty 2 plays constant 45FPS on 1280x1024 4x Anti-Aliasing and Max Settings, I would assume a CrossFire of x800GTO2's would perform the same, so just go with your budget.
  3. I can only afford one video card because I am getting a motherboard with no SLI
  4. you had better change your old junk before giving people advices about top end cards
  5. It comes down to pipelines, IMHO.

    The GTO2 is only available in PCI-express, so I'll assume you have a PCI-express mobo.

    The 6800 GS has 12 pipes, the X800 GTO2 has 12 but is pretty much guaranteed to unlock to 16 with a simple BIOS flash... which makes it an X800 XL at the very least, and you can probably overclock it to XT speeds easy.

    The 6800 GS overclocks well in PCI-express, but doesn't pipe-unlock.

    So the GTO2 is the card I'd choose.
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  7. Newegg has a 6800GS for $169 I would get it at that price. Now this is an opinion ok? I dont trust ATI anymore. I had a 9500Pro (god I loved that card!) that crapped the bed on me even though I never really pushed it (6mos). I have a 9800 Pro that all of a sudden starting reboots during CC generals and gives artifacts during certain games (I have tried EVERYTHING on this one) My buddy has a mobile X800 that is giving him problems after less than a year (but he is excused cuz his laptop gets really freaking hot) and i notice all the 9800Pro problems here on the forums. This is just my opinion though and it is not scientific. I personally like the price of the 7800GT and I think it is worth waiting for. We're just talking about another $150 bucks give or take. I say wait.
  8. "My 2 GS's on Quake 4 at 1280x1024 High Quality & Ultra Quality 4x Anti-Aliasing I get constant 60FPS (Quake 4 locks frames at 60)"

    No, it doesn't, but "Vsync on" in the Gforce driver settings when using an LCD sure will!

    (I've gotten 80+ avg framerates/sec in timedemo tools for Q4 at 1280x1024 with a single 7800GT..., the game is not locked to 60 fps to my knowledge)
  9. "or should i wait for and get 7800GT"

    Yes, faster than both for $260-$280 on sale.......worth the additional $70
  10. Well, chief, Vsync is not on, and Quake 4 will not rise above 60FPS, it jumps to 63, but goes down to 60. And in case you're wondering, Battlefield 2 is locked at 100FPS, don't believe me? Set your settings to lowest possible and you'll see.
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  12. You should expand your serach. The price points on a bunch of cards have changed due to ATI's launch.

    For example: you get an ATI X1600XT from Connect 3D for $169 or a few different 6800GS cards for $189.

    71 cards at Newegg from $150-$200 on PCIE

    Overall, you are still looking at the GS as the best card in that price range.

    Happy hunting.
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    get the 6800 gs (sm:3.0)the rule is get the latest don't turn back
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  15. Quote:
    you had better change your old junk before giving people advices about top end cards

    First of all, that's a rude and stupid comment. Second of all, His comment on SLI was right on the money good advice, except maybe for some rare cases (ask Crash). Third, You have a 6600GT, maybe you should be quiet too. My 6800U is getting old, so I better stop offering advice also. Dang, there should be a rule, unless you have a X1900XTX, don't post advice on these forumz. And last, since when are a 6800GS and X800GTO2 "top end cards" :roll:
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    and I still suggest you to get rid of that junk and before giving advices be respectful and take look at your junk at first then buy some new stuff

    Be respectful like you huh? What a role model. :lol: By the way, please go away until you buy a FX60 / X1900XTX rig and therefore are worthy of posting here.
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  19. Whatever dude. That guy is getting voted in as the biggest douche in the universe. I used a athlon XP-M 2400 @2.15 ghz since like forever. I skipped the early athlon 64 S754, 939, and now I am jumping onboard now just in time for dual core CPUs to go down in price. I picked my 3800 up the day it dropped to 299. I may not have had top of the line stuff, but I knew better than to jump on the athlon when I new it hadnt reached maturity. The earliest I would have gotten on board was with the venice core PERIOD. Think about all those people who bought in early and are now on thier 3rd athlon system. I am not going to denigrate them, but man, it must suck to have paid good money for a 130nm newcastle core to watch the 90nm parts come out so soon afterward. Winchester was a stop gap measure at best. The venice core is what the A64 was meant to be all along. I just didnt feel like spending all that money along the way. You keep that crappy rig Prozac! you'll probobly end up with a better computer than the rest of us in the end. BTW, I remember a time when it cost $4000 for a good system. What did it buy? Ask my buddy!

    P2 450mhz CPU
    2 voodoo 2 in SLI mode
    intel 740 2D graphics
    40GB HDD
    512MB PC100 RAM

    Within a year the early athlons and the Nvidia TNT cards would make this system rather superfluous for the price. When he tried to buy again, his wife left him.... sad.
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  22. As far as the processors, yeah you could unlock the pipelines on the ati, but with newer games going to depend on pixel shader3, i would put my money on the 6800gs just for longevity's sake. If you don't care about the quality, and ur going to for speed the go with the ati.
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  24. I think on paper, the whole SM 3.0 sounds all good, but it is yet to be seen if the GS has the raw power to push out that kind of quality at playable frames. Dont get me wrong, I like the GS over any other card at the same price point, but I dont think that is the main selling point (in my opinion of course)
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  26. If you buy the VIVO version, it comes with the x800xl bios so all 16 pipelines are unlocked out of the box. Thats the one that I got, so no bios flashing!!

    So basically you are getting a x800xl for MAJOR discount, plus the fact that it comes with the R480 core which will clock at 500mhz+. Note that I am usually very cautious when advising people on overclocking, because you never know what your going to get, but these are surplus chips, not defective ones, and I havent seen a single person get below 500mhz. Mine will do 550mhz, and it also comes wtih 1.6ns ram which is what the x800xt is supposed to have, so you can usually overclock the ram to 600mhz (which is around what its rated for, so its not technically even an overclock).

    230$ Canadian FTW!
  27. x800 gto2 doesn't support shader 3.0 and 6800 GS doesn't sound nice to me because it has been nearly a year since 6 series on sale. ıt is old now. so ı will wait for the 7800 Gs Agp and when the price is reasonable ı will change my lovely 6600 gt agp.
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  29. A 6800 GS doesn't have enough guts to run SM 3.0 hardcore anyway. Even my 6800 Ultra couldn't handle HDR in Far Cry without stuttering like crazy at 1024x768.

    It's a non-issue in this class of card.

    Phial's right, X800 VIVO is the way to go if it's got 16 pipes out of the box...
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    You should replace your forum status title, with that of your location.

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    I wonder if he lives in the province of "Jive"...
  31. When did you get the X1800 Cleeve?
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    You should replace your forum status title, with that of your location.

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  33. So I am guessing that I should go for the x800 GTO2 with VIVO? or the x800xl?
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    So I am guessing that I should go for the x800 GTO2 with VIVO? or the x800xl?

    Honestly theres alot of flaming crap posts in this thread so instead of skimming though I will just ask you here:

    Do you have to buy AGP?
    Or is Pci-Express an option for you?

    AGP: If you had to choose between the 6800gs and the x800xl, I would go with whatever is cheaper. From what I have seen the 6800gs is cheaper, so I would go with that, but keep in mind it IS slower. Not by very much, but significantly. Now there are rumors that the 6800gs agp can be unlocked to 16 pipelines, but youll either have to research that yourself or maybe someone else from here can answer taht for you. IF the 6800gs can be unlocked, not only will it be faster, it will also probably be cheaper, so hands down better deal. But this may be just a rumor, and if it is, then the x800xl would be faster. In this thread someoen with the 6800gs AGP got 4500 in 3dmark05.

    pci-e: Already stated in my previous post. I can see the gto2 on newegg for VERY close to the 6800gs in price.
    This GTO2
    And this one also - Are coming with the 16 pipelines already unlocked. So its no risk to you, no flashing of the bios required. if you play NFS:MostWanted (because ATI drivers run this game for crap) or can get the 6800gs for significantly cheaper, then get it. Otherwise the x800gto2 is a much better deal. You are pretty much garanteed to get a x800xt, or even an x800xtpe , if you dontmind overclocking. If you dont want to overclock your getting a x800xl, which is still faster at stock speeds than the 6800gs in most games, but without overclocking it becomes much much closer and I would go on price at that point, because of how close it is.

    I get 6500 overclocked in 3dmark05 just for reference. My overclock is about average, compared to what Ive seen other people get.

    This guy on Anandtech got 6000 overclocked with the 6800gs, and about 5000 stock, in 3dmark05.
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