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Hello all, this is the first time that ive posted on here, and so far, i think that this will be a very helpful website for further questions. as this being my first post, i wouldnt be surprised if this has been posted elsewhere, but i didnt see anything. so the question is this.

i have an evga 6600gt which works beautifully, but at my work, we just got in the evga 6800gs for about $50 less. my question is is it worth it, performance wise, to return the 6600 and go with the 6800. i use my comp mostly for gaming at the moment, and want the best "bang for the buck" so to say. i dont have the money to get the 7800gt that i want yet, so im looking for something else.

if this is a stupid question, or there is already a thread on this, please just let me know and perhaps a link would be good. thanks in advance
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  1. I made the exact upgrade you are thinking about, i upgraded from the agp version of the 6600gt to the agp 6800gs, and the 6800gs outperforms my old 6600gt by quite a large margin. So far, on a 3.0 p4 processor, i noticed considerable improvment in a game i am beta testing(can't say which one because of the NDA), Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source, and F.E.A.R.
  2. the 6800gs outperforms my old 6600gt by quite a large margin.

    Have you got any benchmarks to prove this statement or could this be just your perception?

    You shouldn’t se more than 10% increase on a stock 6800gs vs. 6600gt.
  3. Go for the 6800GS im looking at puchasing that card
  4. well i know the 6600gt is gddr3 256mb and the 6800gs is only ddr 256mb and a guy at work said that the gddr3 was a hell of a lot faster. my system is a pentium d 820, 2gb ram and the 6600gt card for the time being. i read one post somewhere that some guy said that the 6800gs will outperform TWO 6600gt's in SLI....i wasnt to sure what to make of that :)


    almost forgot...i get about 30-35fps on COD2 and about 25fps on FEAR with my 6600gt. just wondering if im gonna get a big enough difference on the 6800gs
  5. I'm going to order a 6800GS next week, upgrading from a Radeon 9600XT. The 6800GS does actually come in GDDR3. Here is a link to the best model I found on newegg. You guys with PCI-E are really lucky, cause the cards are alot cheaper. :cry:
  6. the 6800GS is a far better card. it's the little brother to the 6800GT. it has more pixel pipelines and faster memory access.

    the 6600GT only has a 128mbit memory pathway which cripples it while the 6800GS shares the same 256mbit pathway that the rest of the 6800 series offers. the ram itself might not be as fast, but it can produce better results with the wider pathway.
  7. In February issue of PC World magazine on page 94 there is a chart comparing 6600 GT SLI with the 6800 GS and the rate of the 6800GS 60fps compared to 59fps for 2 6800 GT's. I too want to build up a system using this card. I feel this is my "sweet spot" for a gaming computer. BTW "killowattdave" came from "ham" radio days when I had a KW short wave rig.
    Could I get any comments on best motherboard for thiscard? I found an ATX-Nvidia Force4 SLI Socket939- UDMA133 SATAII Raid-Dual Gigabit Lan-2xDCI Express 16-8 Channel Audio board @ DigitalHotBuy for $157.93.
  8. so in theory, that would mean that the 256mb ddr3 6800gs is about 30fps faster than my 256mb gddr3 6600gt?!?!?!

    i think ill be returning my 6600gt asap....thanks guys for all the help

    oh, before i forget, does anyone have any benchmarks on either one of these cards?? specifically the FPS on cod2 and fear??
  9. A 6800GS scores like these.

    3dMark03 - 10,000
    3dmark05 - 5,000
    3dmark06 - 2,150
  10. I would definately get the 6800gs. AnandTech.com has benchmarks for the gs and it does out perform the 6600gt.
  11. Quote:
    A 6800GS scores like these.

    3dMark03 - 10,000
    3dmark05 - 5,000
    3dmark06 - 2,150

    so what do the numbers of a 6600gt look like?? sorry for all the stupid questions, but just wanna make sure i am making the right decision
  12. I own the BFG 6600GT OC

    3dMark03 - 8,666
    3dMark05 - 3,792
    3dMark06 - 1,635 ouch

    3500+ winchester
    MSI NEO Platinum SLI
    1gig OCZ platinum EL 1T
    1x BFG 6600GT 128mb
  13. Hi i have an 6600GT and in 3dMark2006 I get 1929 points! No overclocking whatsoever.

    AMD64 3000+ Winchester
    Kingston 2x512 DDR 400 2-2-3-2-6-1
    Seagate S-ATA 160Gb HDD
    Gigabyte Geforce 6600GT 128 DDR3
    A8N32 - SLI DELUXE
  14. Important Note: the scores are at 800*600 resolution (since my old rigs couldn't get scores higher resolutions ı do benchmarks at 800*600 to compare my old rigs :( )

    3dmark03 : 11278

    3dmark05 : 4309

    3dmark06: 2338
    ı am quiet happy with my 6600 gt ı can play Nfsmw at 1024*768 highest settings full antialising and no cuts
  15. NFSMW is the game that started it. I bought one following Underground2 and it wouldn't load on 98SE. I should have read the side of the box :( Underground 2 has some trouble running on an "old" Nvidia 5200 because of Direct X 9 issues and NFSMW won't run at all on FAT32. I thought I could keep running on 98 but I guess I am sort of a Luditte when it comes to spending the money. PC World lead me to the 6800CS as the beginning of a new system :lol:
  16. Check out:

    Crunching the numbers, in true TomsHardware style, indicates it is far superiour to the 6600 GT.


    GeForce 6600
    300 550 128-bit 8 = 2.4 Gpixel/sec fill rate / 8.8 GB/sec

    GeForce 6600 GT
    500 1000 128-bit 8 = 4.0 Gpixel/sec fill rate / 16.0 GB/sec

    GeForce 6800 GS
    425 1000 256-bit 12 = 5.1 Gpixel/sec fill rate / 32.0 GB/sec
    (smaller die, less pipelines, cheaper to make than 6800GT, clocks +20% higher due to die shrink)
    (clocked higher to cancel out having less pipelines, 12 x 425 vs 16 x 350)

    GeForce 6800 GT
    350 1000 256-bit 16 = 5.6 Gpixel/sec fill rate / 32.0 GB/sec


    Just looking at the above table saves hours of bechmarks and reviews reading IMHO.

    - Gpixel fill rate is just core speed times number of pipelines in the core.
    - Video RAM peak throughput is just VRAM speed times bit width (divided by 8 for bytes not bits) for billions of bytes per sec.

    Game performance usually scales with video memory performance at higher resolutions (eg: 1280 x 1024), unless GPU calculated effects, geometry, pixel fill rate, etc become a bottleneck for a given frame, or series of frames. (Yes, one day I may be developing games, but that is awhile off).

    So yes, on paper they are at least +27.5% in the worst case to +100% (twice) as fast in the better cases. So expect around double the frame rates on a 6800 GS as on a 6600 GT.

    The PC Perspective link above confirms this. (1st decent Google hit I got for the GeForce 6800 GS)
  17. go with the 6800 gs, the speed is faster, it will last longer than the 6600 technology wise.
  18. well i was up at my work today...returning the 6600gt and saw the 6800gs and there it was...the 7800gt, only $120 more than i paid for my 6600gt. stayed up there for 30 minutes trying to decide if i should shell it out and buy it or go with the 6800. long story short, i got the 6800gs and brought it home and it is amazing.....already noticed almost double the FPS in COD2 and about 5-10 FPS more in FEAR....thanks for all the help guys...much appreciated
  19. this is what i have

    p4 2.8 prescott @ 3.06
    1 gig ram
    evga 6800 gs agp 350/1000 not overclocked
    power supply 300watt zalman high power

    card runs excellent. but, i must admit. other being able to run at 1280X1060 2x AA this card does not make much visual difference than my old ATI 9800 PRO. maybe it's just me. image quality on 6800 is excellent. i get 40-70 fps in batt2 on multiplay. batt2 is a resource pig.

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