Bad Bios Flash cant get computer to do anything?? Help!

I tried to do a Bios upgrade on my old Intel se440bx-2 P3 800mhz system and something went wrong and the computer will no longer boot. I see on Intels website there is a way to do a Bios recovery. its says u need a Bios recovery disk?? What is this disk how do i get or make one?? Anyone else had a similar problem and like to give some advice id really apreciate it. Im using an old HP Pavilion N5415 Duron 900mhz 256meg and its slooow and thats compared to my P3 system which is slow to begin But at least the P3 system is maxed out with 768megs of ram and a 7200rpm HD so its not so bad, this laptop is bad. I need my desktop back please help!
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  1. Here's the link with the directions on doing a BIOS recovery:

    There is a motherboard jumper you'll need to switch and then boot the computer to the regular BIOS update diskette you prepared originally. There is a little program in the non-eraseable portion of the boot block that will look for, and reload the BIOS from the diskette.

    After you're done, remember to switch the jumper back to the normal position.

    Good luck!
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