7800GS AGP


Expensive, but looks like it's not a myth. Feb 6-9th is the expected release date.

Not too exciting considering this comparison for alot less $$$: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=322728
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  1. Or this for even less ($269 after rebate):



    OOPS! I didn't see that the link to zipzoom included a MB.
    No apology for my link to a PCI-e card because the zipzoom card is PCI-e.
  2. Quote:
    Or this for even less ($269 after rebate):


    read the title
    not pci-e
  3. True; That's why in my link it was for a NF4 mobo and 7800GT bundle, which is cheaper and I'd assume faster than the 7800GS AGP. Priced near a PCI-e 7800GT, this AGP GS could be a hot seller though.
  4. Quote:

    Realx bud, he's talking about getting the PCIe version buying a MoBo separately is cheaper COMBINED than buying that AGP version alone. Thus you achieve your goal and have a far better upgrade path, especially since the GS is underclocked.

    Pauldh was including the bundle, Lakedude is showing part A of A+B.

    Pauldh, Either way I see no need for the GF7800GS EXCEPT for people who have workstation style rigs and want the new feature without selling their dual/quad MP/XEON scsii rig. That I understand, fo almost everyone else, it's just reached the time when you gotta upgrade. The PCIe options are wicked now, the AGP premium is expensive (the cost of a MoBo) and people stuck on XP platforms should start thinking system upgrade too regardless of OC.
  5. Yeah, I would not even consider buying an AGP mobo now, unless it's super cheap and for a non gaming system. (a couple days ago I got a Sempron 3100+ bundle with NF3 250 mobo for $90). Otherwise the price premium and lack of high end options means AGP is a losing route. This 7800GS, kinds just confirms how bad a deal NV AGP is now. And when X8xx AGP supply dries up, kiss future AGP gaming goodbye.

    I do have a few AGP LAN gaming machines, but slowly they are being upgraded when the price is right. If for any reason I need or decide to take the time to reinstall the OS and games on my own gaming rig, for sure the MSI NF3U will go and I'll move to PCI-e. More than anything is not wanting to take the time and put in the effort as I can't find any large chunks of time to game, and the machine is playing my games without issues. It's been over two months since I last played BF2, and that's just plain wrong. :cry: Only gaming I do is to play NFSMW on the LAN with my kids and/or when a friend comes over. Honestly, everyone elses machines are chewing up my time, so Paul's projects and gaming time gets pushed off time and time again.

    Oh well, way OT. I thought maybe somebody would be interested in a new NV AGP, so I posted it. With a 6800U and X800XTpe, I'll pass for sure unless they drop in price 50%. This AGP ludite, wishes he had the time/money to go NF4/X1900XT.
  6. Don't know.
    Not sure.
    Haven't heard.

    And I hope so. ;)
  7. Quote:
    I thought maybe somebody would be interested in a new NV AGP, so I posted it.

    Oh yeah man, definitely worth knowing. Who knows there might be situations whereit makes alot of sense (especially in the 'my parents on ly let me buy one' scenario).

    I know about the time thing, I just had a hockey game last night at 11:10 (we won 7-6 coming from behind 5-2 going into last period). Going skiing Saturday, Sunday is Poker/WWE (don't watch wrestling, but what the heck!). With work and work at the Univ. who's got time for the games (that's why so many unopened boxes at home).

    Anywhoo good to know about the AGP-GS even if it's not my particular poison.
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