system locking while gaming. HELP

I'm having a problem where if i run a game with settings higher than those reccommended by the program after a few min of play the game will stop and my screen will fill with what looks like 256 color patterns. the only way to recover is to physically turn the pc off at the power switch and restart. I was wondering if anyone is aware of what could cause this problem and what can be done to fix it. i have an athlon 64 3000 socket 754 running on an msi k8t neo fis2r board with 1gb of mushkin pc 3200 and a gefgorce 6800gt agp

please let me know if you have any ideas

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  1. Is your Processor getting adequate enough cooldown while running high performance? If the Processor reaches critical temperatures It will automatically freeze or shutdown. You can usually find this in the BIOS settings as to the temperature it will engage or if you wish you disable it (NOT RECOMMENDED) I suggest working towards a better Heat - Sink, Better Air Circulation Myself. Also ensure the Cooling Grease between the Processor and the Heatsink is Not Skimmed on one bit, It will FRY your Processor to a point of no return if not.

    Hope This Helps Ya.
  2. The processor heat problem is a good tip. What you should do too is go into the BIOS and make sure the AGP port is set to the right speed as your card. If your using an 8X card, make sure the AGP port speed is set to 8X as well. It also sounds as if your graphics card is throttling maybe due to overheating.
  3. What games are you playing that makes it do this and are you overclocking the system at all??
  4. what's the max amp output on your 12V rail?

    artifacting/lockups while gaming are often caused by the graphics card failing either due to overheating or lack of sufficient power.

    you should download riva tuner and have it monitor your gpu temp while you're gaming. if its overheating and you just bought, it then you should send it back because its faulty.
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