Mactor DimondMax 10 SATA2 Raid Problems

Hi, recently upgraded mobo proc and Grphx to spec listed below, i orded two 2x Maxtor DimondMax 10 80GB SATA2's to run as a cheap raid. i set the raid up with ease and run my copy of XP on and it runs through fine, installs all to the raid drives. however when preparing to boot windows, after the loading screen i get a blue screen telling me that theres a faul and windows halts, i have tried starting again many times and i get the same thing, i ran my copy of X64 and the same happend, however if i put my old ata drive in it runs fine. From within windows i can write to the drives so the drives seem fine, just cannot boot from them. app. the are some issues with NF4 and Maxtor, but am not sure if this is the problem, can anybody spread some light on the issue for me???

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  1. AMD X2 3800+ @2.2
    1GB Kinston DDR 400 (2x512mb DualChannel)
    Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-9 NF4
    NV6800 Extreme TDH
    2 X (Maxtor DimondMax 10) 80gb SATA2
    1 X (Maxtor DimondMax 10) 300gb
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