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Help with RAM speed in relation to overclokcing FSB

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January 26, 2006 9:37:07 AM

Hi Guys Gals,

I'm soon to buy a 165 Opteron to overclock, but I have a question about RAM.
Due to budget limits I need to get value RAM (2 Gigs), and so cant expect it to overclock - if I set a memory divider to ensure the RAM runs close to stock speed (200Mhz) does this mean I wont have any problems with the RAM when I ramp up the FSB to clock the CPU??
I'm just worried that my RAM will fry, but I assume setting the divider to get the end speed near 200 will be ok?

Also, is it really worth faster RAM - what sort of peroformance increase are we talking, bearing in mind the good stuff is double price of value RAM in the UK:( 

Also, anybody recomend good value RAM?


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January 26, 2006 11:04:15 AM

Well my GEIL 2x1gb DDR400 value ram will run at 239mhz with no voltage increase, so value ram has some leway.

Yes using a ram divider will allow you to clock the cpu higher but keep the fsb within the rams limits.

You wont fry your ram with speed, its only the increase in voltage that will kill it. If you reach the rams limit in speed it will just reboot or lock up.

Its always best to max out your fsb for best performance, so find the limit of your ram and aim to run just below that speed you dont have to stick to 200mhz