Recomended PSU's for 7800GT SLI Overclocked Opteron 165

I'm building a new rig shortly and a bit out of date with regards to PSU's.

Can someone recomend a good value (ie good quality, reasonable price) PSU - as said I'm running an Opteron 165 with nForce 4 SLI motherboard on Air, initially 1 7800GT but may upgrade to 2 in the future.

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  1. This is what I got for my Opteron 165 with single 7800GT that I just ordered

    I've been told it's a great PSU though maybe a tad overkill.

    curious what mobo did you get? I went with DFI UT NF4 DR SLI Expert as I heard it was thee best mobo for overclocking for S939
  2. This is what I got for my Opteron 175, HiS X1800XT, 2x74gig Raptors RAID0 and 2x250gig SATA WD's, plus a TV Tuner and Water Cooling...

    Very stable, quiet and cool.
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