first build, first post -- looking for feedback, please :)

First of all, you guys should know that you rock. I've been lurking here over the last day or so as I put together a list of components for my first system, and the depth of knowledge and lack of animosity here is quite impressive -- but I bet you already know that. (You should see the poker forums I frequent, for none of the former and all too much of the latter.) Anyways..... I've learned that my PSU is very important, that I don't need an SLI board if I'm not going to use it, and that I should buy the stuff that I like, as long as I'm not being retarded. So here's the list:

WD 74GB Raptor HDD ($160 - $20 M.I.R. + tax)
Gigabyte K8N Ultra-9 or K8N-F mobo ($84 or $77)
Athlon 64 3700+ CPU (San Diego) ($230)
Connect 3D Radeon X550 128MB PCI-E x16 video card (~$60)
2x1GB PC3200 Corsair or Kingston value RAM ($160 or ~$190)
Lite-On SOHO 1693S DVD-RW +/- ($42)
Lite-On SOHO 16P9S DVD-ROM ($23)
Mitsumi 1.44 FDD ($10)
Microsoft Wireless Optical Comfort KB/Mouse ($40)
Altec Lansing or Logitech 2.1 speakers (~$30)
Antec Sonata II or Overture II case w/450w PSU ($115)

FYI, my power app is Poker Tracker (MS Access-based database), I do not game at all (does the original Starcraft count? I didn't think so.), and I'm looking for a system that will last 3 years or so. By the end I'll be behind the times, but then I'll come back here to learn how to overclock my system, right? lol

Since I live in California, I had to price everything out of state (except the Raptor HD) in order to avoid paying sales tax, which I'm pretty sure would be the case. And I'm sure you've guessed that the main thing I'm buying because it would be cool is the Raptor HDD. So, I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone, on a casual basis.

Thanks for all the help you've already given me and for the constructive criticism I'm sure I'll hear. Or, alternatively, FLAME AWAY!!
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  1. Wow, he needs to take another prozac :lol: Anyway, yeah the video card isnt a very good one...but you're not a gamer, so who cares. Yep, too bad ya cant get a dual core cpu, access databases n such will use that type of thing down the road.
  2. I would consider 3500+
    if you plan on maybe scrimping to save a couple $. it runs at the same 2.2ghz as the 3700+ and is built on the same 90nm.
  3. if he considers 3500 then save 10 bucks and get the 3200+, OC a little and you have the 2.2g. although the 3500+ runs at 2.2g it only has half as much as cache as the 3700+, but only huge apps take advantage of it.

    Don't just do everything out of state cuz you are in Cali. i live in cali and i use pricegrabber to find the lowest price from reliable vendors. when i built my pc i ended up buying the PSU and RAM from newegg.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I actually ended up getting the case, mobo and RAM in CA because the price was best, even with tax. I got 2GB of Gigaram for $160, because while it's value priced both the mfg website and New Egg user reviews say that it has performance latency (2-3-2-5). The Antec Sonata II Case is $99 - $20 (MIR) and the A8N-SLI mobo is $119.

    All I'm left with now is the CPU and HDD. I can get a 3200+ for about $160, the 3500+ is $201 and 3700+ is $233. As far as the HD, for the price of one 74GB Raptor I can get two Caviar 120GB SATA II drives and run them in RAID 0. From what I've read, the Raptor is still faster with regard to running the OS and non-data intensive apps.

    FWIW, my power app is the MS Access-based Poker Tracker, which can be upgraded to run a PostGRE SQL database. Aside from that, I like to play the old-school Starcraft and would play whatever other FPS games I might run across.
  5. you can't OC the 3500+?
  6. you can, just not exactly the same as the 3700+
  7. Quote:
    I like to play the old-school Starcraft and would play whatever other FPS games I might run across.Connect 3D Radeon X550 128MB PCI-E x16 video card (~$60)

    FPS...first person shooter...frames per second...

    Your video card choice makes me cry IRL :(
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