What is the best card for under $200

I have been out of the game for awhile now, so I have no idea.

The last card I have bought was the 9800pro when it was first released. I am building a new system and I want a nice card for under $200.

I was looking at the Diamond Viper Radeon X800 GTO which is for 179.99. I also here the GTO's can be unlock to nearly double the performance. Does anyone know if there would be any complications with this card?

Anyways, please help me out and give me the best bang for the buck card.

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  1. In PCI-express:

    X800 GTO2 or GTO 16, although they are limited runs.

    If you can't find these specific cards, I'd get a 6800 GS over a regular X800 GTO.

    The X800 XL is also under $200 now, and perform a bit better than the 6800 GS stock, but don't overclock well.

    In AGP:

    X800 GTO for sure
  2. It sounds like you need AGP. But either way, I'd be looking to squeeze a X850XT over the other $200 cards. Here is an AGP one for $200 after rebate.

    PCI-e ones can be found for just a bit more but without the need to mail in a rebate. $213 here:
  3. I am sorry I didn't clarify this information beforehand.

    I am building a complete new system.

    Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6V250F0 250GB Serial ATA II
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Processor Socket 939 Retail
    Patriot PDC2G3200ELK 2GB Kit DDR400 PC3200

    So yes, I want to go PCI-E card ;).
  4. X800 GTO w/ 16 pipelines is nice. :)
  5. I would go with this if you have the balls to steal $10 out of your mother's purse. :twisted:
    This one has a rebate if your not the stealing type.

    Otherwise the 6800GS isn't a bad choice.

    If you are looking for a X800GTO to unlock, you can buy mine. I bought it a while back but have only used it to see if it would unlock. I'm still partial to the 6800GT I still have.
  6. all GTO unlock to 16 now (PCIe or AGP?), and GTO2 are under 200
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