BSOD and Error STOP : 0X00000024

Hi All,

My first post here. I have installed Windows 7 Beta on an HP D530 Mobo with a CPU 2.66 Ghz. 2 GB Ram and Acer 19" LCD.
The only problem I'm having is whenever I have finished doing a CHKDSK the computer restarts to load Windows but then I get the Blue screen and the following error message :

STOP : 0X00000024 ( 0X000C22D2, 0X00000010, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

I have tried two hard disk drives and I still get the same error message.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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  1. Have you defragg'd lately? I know there were issues back in the NT days when you ran Checkdisc on something that heavily fragmented...

    I checked Technet, and found this:

    It applies to Vista, but the two are fundamentally the same, so....
  2. I am also on W7 Beta and this happened to me multiple times as well. The most recent two times, ironically, I got BSODed immediately after defragmenting. CHKDSK has shown no errors.

    I've managed to get W7 to boot properly again so far by booting to either the Windows XP/Windows Vista Recovery disk and rebooting afterwards. I have no idea why this even works because I don't select any repair options, but afterwards Windows 7 boots fine.

    What hard disks are you using? I'm running 2x150 WD velociraptors in RAID0, and I was wondering if the RAID setup might be causing this.

    (#8 in this thread over at the Windows 7 Forums says that this error is a result of having 4 primary partitions, and I do have 4, but another person said he had the error without 4 primary partitions, so I'm not sure)
  3. Thank you all for the replies. Sorry for the dealying in responding but I was trying out W7 Beta on another computer and I'm sorry to say I had the same problem as before. I did trry out the suggestions made in Microsoft article KB935806 but sorry to say none of them worked for me as once I got the error message I could not do a thing full stop, I just had to format the HDD and start again. :pfff:

    The good news is that I have found a solution and here it is :

    1. After the error message appeared I formatted the HDD using the appropiated Disk Manager on a floppy disk.
    2. I then installed Windows XP and during the Setup I choose to "Format the Partition using NTFS file system" - slow format, not the quick format.
    3. After the Installing Windows XP I inserted the W7Beta DVD and installed Window 7 but I choose the "Advanced" option not the"Upgrade" that is because Windows XP is not a prerequisite for the upgrade but Windows Vista is.
    4. The installion continued but Setup saved my Windows XP files in a folder called Windows.old
    5. Everything was fine after that I can now perform CHKDSK no problem.


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