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Is microsoft office 2003 Compatible with Windows 7

Is Microsoft Office compatible with Windows 7?
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  2. Yes....if you want to see what software/hardware on your current system will work on W7, download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:
  3. YES.
    In fact, there's very little software that won't work on Windows 7 that worked on XP. Drivers, of course.
  4. The ONLY program I have that doesn't work with Win7 is a 1994 game called Empire Deluxe. I can get that to run okay in Virtual XP. Oh I did have to upgrade PCAnyWhere from 12.0 to 12.5.
  5. 32 bit - tested it, for sure it works

    64bit - can anyone 100% verify here?
  6. 100% 32 and 64
  7. I am running Windows 7 Pro with Office 2003 Professional, it works great. I have not found anything that doesn't work properly.
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