Install issues, multiple error codes.

A couple of weeks ago a storm blew through and knocked out my power for a moment, then it came back on. Within a few seconds, another wind gust and it ripped our power lines down. Got power back a few days later, and have been busy trying to fix this on my own but to no avail.

My computer booted into system recovery tools, start up problem fixes etc. none of them worked, leading to the decision to format my SSD and try to reinstall windows 7. I get to "windows is copying files" and it stays stuck at 0% for about a minute or two, then I get "Windows could not format a partition on disk 1. The error occured while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code: 0x8007057.

I concluded that I should try deleting the partition and creating a new one. That however, got me this message:
Failed to delete the selected partition. [Error: 0x8007017].

So I decided to try and format the drive, to this result:
Failed to format the selected partition. [Error: 0x8007057].

Same result as when I was trying to install. Puzzles me! I've still got a lot to learn.

I've tried removing unnecessary RAM, same results.

Having the same problem with a Vista 64 bit install disk, and have tried to install on my SSD and HDD with no differences.

I've google'd to my wits end and can't find any solutions, and my error codes seem to be related to many different types of issues.


ASUS Sabertooth X58 MoBo
Core i7 920
6gb DDR3 1600mhz corsair RAM
RiDATA 32GB SSD (OS drive)
1TB Western Digital HDD
and one other 500GB HDD (I forget the brand)
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  1. Some times the drives are protected, you need to issue a command so that you can edit them. This is called write protection.

    Try this site. It will give instructions.
  2. Your data storage drives could very well be damaged due to power surge/spike/interruption.
    And or other components like your mobo.
  3. Thanks Tank, I was able to delete the partition on my HDD and install windows 7. I'm getting a CRC error for my SSD though :( looks like I'll need to get a new one. This one lived out it's lifespan though. Thanks for the help!
  4. buy a surge protector :D
  5. fowang said:
    buy a surge protector :D

    Would be better to have a surge protector/UPS
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