Toner exhausted issue Samsung SCX-4824FN

I have the above-mentioned printer and changed toner cartridges approx 2 weeks ago. All was working well and then all of a sudden it stopped and displayed the message 'Toner Exhausted'. Now I'm exhausted trying to find a solution...

I have checked everything. Have run a tech mode report and no problems showing. It does state there's been 2 cartridges changes and I'm wondering does it register the 'original' cartridge that comes with the printer as number 1??

Also I have downloaded the maintainence manual and it states for versions SCX-4824 & scx-4828 that there should be a CLR error message function under data setup. This may be true for SCX-4824 but it's certainly not in the SCX-4828 options.

My question is how do I fix this. The cartridge is new as stated.
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  1. Is your printer firm ware up to date. How old is the printer? Contact the manufacture for this is an error message.

    From what i gather is that their is a chip that is bugging out.

    This person had a workaround for a similar problem
  2. one question was the toner a refilled cartridge or a genuine (NEW) samsung toner?
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