any1 know anything about this mobo?

its a jetway socket 754 with agp and pci express, it says its agp but it says 4x in the heading, and also it says AGP complient (in the description) im wondering if anyone knows anything about this board... the reviews on newegg seem to be worthless because they complain of no manual and gave it 2 eggs... it looks like a decent board, does anyone know of a good brand name board that has the same specs, 754, pci/agp board? id rather have a gigabyte one than a jetway... please dont suggest getting socket 939 because i just bought my processor for a steal (160 for a 3700)... im thinkin bout getting a 7800gt with this mobo, will it be able to take advantage of such a powerful card?
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  1. maybe ill bite the bullet and just go pci express when i get some more saved up... id rather not have a halfass board with agp and pci express :P
  2. the thing is i need a 754 mobo, the ecs ones that i saw at least... were 939... know of any for 754?
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