New 1900XT.... Anyone else think this is getting ridiculous!

So how does this work!

A whole new generation of cards in less than 3months.
We had the 7800 platform released.... only to find a 512mb come out shortly after that blitz any poor bloke that had shed money on the GTX 256.
Meanwhile Ati's release was hard to come by for a good 2months. And now, just as the stock is reaching some good folk overseas.... they have gone ahead and released a better high end platform. ... 1900XT. That means for a good majority... their x1800Xt has been topped in less than a few weeks.
Nvidia fans wont be laughing either... 7900 will make sure of that.

So in the end... Nvidia and Ati continue to raise the stakes as they childishly battle it out for top card. I dont mind that... but this here... is at the expense of the buyers. They cant get their act together.... so they keep updating the production line. Both should stick to a major release once a year... and do it right the first time.

We should be entitled to a product that wont go obsolete in a space of 2-3months. This is made worse with release dates that are trampled over...

I reckon one thing is for sure, people wont like being pushed around for too long.... eventually this will hurt the manufacturers themselves. People will become alot more hesistant to buy a card. Bragging rights is one thing, being burnt is another.
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  1. I completely DISAGREE. I want better and better cards. As a matter of fact, I NEED them to keep releasing better and better cards since I want a card that will finally be able to handle 1920x1200 at the highest settings for the newest games. If they only released cards once a year that would be terrible.
  2. I agree. I've got a 24" LCD and the top of the line cards now don't quite put out that kind of resolution at good speeds yet. I'm praying the 7900GT will be my savior.

    I say who cares if they keep pumping out new cards left and right. My 6600GT still plays all the lates games. I just have to turn down the options and resolution a little. But no biggie. A good card lasts me 2-3 years. There's no reason to keep buying the latest and greatest (unless yer rich). If anything buy the generation behind after each new card is pushed out and you'll be ahead of the rat race.
  3. course the informed gamer (cause really, who else is buying these), will know what is on the horizon before they make their purchasing decision. And there is always being able to sell their 2 month old GTX and recoup some cost before upgrading so soon. What really gets me mad it when my GPU outclasses my 500$ Monitor. Now not only will i incour the cost of a new GPU, but if i want to push it to its max 2048 or more, I must shell out big bucks for a monitor that isnt garbage and can handle that resolution. I have a 7800GT paird with a monitor that maxes out at thats funneh!
  4. Shoot, you got here first.

    yeah, I completely disagree too. Cards don't become obsolete because a new one comes out; you lose bragging rights...big whoop-de-do. :roll: Knowbody is forcing anybody to buy a new card every generation. And if anything, this battle and the quick releases is helping to lower prices on the still good last gen cards. And X1900XT as all the reviews say, just seems to be a quick release. It's actually the delayed R520 causing the short period, R580 is just on schedule.

    Then there is the last reason, which you mentioned; spoiled people who have insanely nice widescreen LCD's who need a powerful card to push games in those freaking beautiful native resolutions. *sigh* I'm ok now. :cry:
  5. It's not ati's or nvidia's fault...I bet they have lot's of people just figuring out how to make tons of cash. If it turns out bringing out new cards better then the competition is a good marketing strategy, then they will. If I were them, I would do exactly the same and anyone who wouldn't is just plain stupid. Sorry, that's just my opinion
  6. :D It was my present to myself last year. Damn I love it.
  7. Yeah I bet, good for you(seriously), enjoy. 8)
  8. I disagree as well. I am a serious gamer, won't ever put my CRT past the 1024x768.

    Bragging rights is in "High Score" on the playing field, not by 3dmarks!

    People, please keep buying into the next generation cards! You’re going to make it a cheap upgrade for me to get the next best card for serious gamers as myself.

    We like to sit and watch the havoc, kick ass, and take 3dmark scores later!
  9. I second that
  10. it takes a year or so for things to become obselete - my 6600GT and P4 2600@3ghz runs anything i throw at it reasonably (battlefield2 at high, earth 2160 on high and so on), and a 6600GT is like 1/3 the performance of a 7800, and its the same boat as the radeon 9800's and geforce 5900's.

    If the companies didnt keep on makin faster cards we would be stuck with games like packman, and the companies would run out of buisness - they rely on the fact that there new card is faster then the old card and "my card is faster then yours" to get sales.

    Besides, if you cant afford to get the best (like me) wait for next get and the old cards go cheap (6600GT, equal to the high end of the FX series and less then 1/2 the price).
  11. Quote:
    Besides, if you cant afford to get the best (like me) wait for next get and the old cards go cheap (6600GT, equal to the high end of the FX series and less then 1/2 the price).

    You give the GF FX series way too much credit. :o
  12. its not progress in technology, its called a marketing ploy, the x1900s and 7800s were probably ready 6months before release. they just play wiht your heads and make u want more. and btw the geforce fx series is shit
  13. It's true, it's getting ridiculous, but a mayor release once a year???? I agree with dhluke on that IT WOULD $UCK AS HELL!!

    They should develop nice vidcards for spring and fall and MUMBO-JUMBO vidcards 4 summer or xmas
  14. that would be crappy marketing, summer is back to skool stuff here we come.. and brainer..leave the shit for the shitty seasons
  15. Yes, but no on Ati or Nvidia's part i think it is great that these new and faster card's are coming out but i think that AMD and Intel are not keeping up as there is no CPU that can use all of potensual of these new cards. Even the FX60 will give up before the ati x1900xtx will.

  16. makek the CELL ps3 cpu onto the desktop and lets see wat it can do
  17. Not rediclious, fantastic. I've got a 7800GT that I'm pretty happy with but the darn thing comes with really pretty new features that it really is not fast enough to run. When a card can display a game at your prefered resolution with all the eye candy maxed out getting a new card would be rediclious. In my case the 7800 just wet my appetite. It runs smooth at full res but if you start kicking on stuff like trans-aa it bogs down. Yes the mighty 7800GT bogs down at only 1280x1024 playing the latests games. While I still love the 7800 I'd love a x1900 even more.
  18. ok fair enough... you all raise some good points. (and no one swore at me!!!?!), maybe im in the minority.

    I can see how people who enjoy taking advantage of previous gen cards will like this move..... but damn... I underestimated the impulsive obsession of the hardcore gamer ... to welcome better technology at any cost.

    My dilemma is I bought a 24inch Dell ... now Im waiting for a darn card that will play 19X12 resolution.... but I dont know... when to take the plunge....

    what do you guys think. wait buy... wait ... buy

    Now anyone who thinks this is anything other than a marketing ploy is kidding themselves. My disapointment is more towards ATI. I dont know about you folks... but here in Australia... the 1800XT only recently hit the shelves and literally 3 weeks later the 1900Xt is announced. And I doubt ... due to supply issues... that prices will drop significantly...

    Im not against technology moving along... what I am saying...
    the technology was already there .. dont release it in strategic steps.... They could have given us 1900Xt to begin with.
  19. The wait/buy game has been going on since the first home PC hit the market. There will alway be something new and better coming out. It is totally up to you and no matter what your choice what ever you buy will seem like junk in a couple of years.
  20. yeh....

    That is stating the obvious mate.

    Just cause there has been wait-buy game since dawn of computers doesnt mean that things havent changed. In 2004 a production line was released... you had your top, medium, low end cards.... that was that
    Throw in a few Ultra's, platinums...

    I cant make a purchase because Im concerned that literally next month some new architectured card will be released.... 7900 (im not talking ultra or turbo or platinum)... I've been feeling like this since October. There hasnt been a moment for anyone to catch their breath.
  21. I still don't see any fuss.
    Remember the TNT, TNT2, GeForce 1,2 cards? Those where MAJOR core updates every year. Then minor updates every 6 months. Now we are only seeing minor changes every year and major ones about every 2 years. The TNT1 & 2 where similar, THe Geforce 1,2 where similar, GF 3,4,5 similar, GF 6,7 similar, etc etc. Ati had the same kinds of generations, also. Notice the Radeon 9700 Pro was way beyond the 8000 series?
    I think the ATI X1000 series is also a major change (with the X1900 being what the X1800 should have been).

    Anyway, my point is I still see most changes this year to still be fairly minor and we have yet to see any full DX10 card with SM 4.0. This might come in the form of Modified X1900 (X2800) and a new G80 (late 2006/early 2007).

    Let there be all the small updates people want. I am waiting for the BIG ONE !! (I hope my PC doesn't die until then or I need to find the best of what is available at that time)
  22. geforce3 and 4 ti's were similar but the FX wasnt, and the geforce4 mx was similar to the geforce2.

    Remember when the geforce fx5800 ultra just came out and the (at the time) outragous masive noisy HSF and now look where we are - its the new standard for high end video cards! i hope in 5 years the cooler will still fit in the dam case, same goes for all other controllers and processors - since the FX and the P4 Prescotts everything cooling wise has doubled in size.
  23. Quote:
    It's called progress in technology. Do you want to have same technology with no improvement or advancements for like 5 years? No way. Also, the X1900 will bring downs prices on X1x00 cards, and nVidia will have to do the same, so new and expensive card come for hardcore gamers who have unlimited amount of money they spend, and cards like 7800GT will become cheaper, while it's still a very good card.

    That pretty much sums up my position alright.

    The price of the X1800 and 7800 cards will now drop, and as I say both cards will still do to FEAR what they did to it two months ago.
  24. I know it's marketing, but they're advancing the technology also, yes there are people who buy this expensive stuff, but the stuff is advancing. They wouldn't make any cards if they didn't make money.

    You are right. There is nothing wrong with ATI and NVIDIA maximizing their profit with strategic marketing. Healty competition is good for the consumer.

    Everybody wins.
  25. Wow, shooting from the hip ;)
    Refreshing, but seems like some quick report conjured up seeing the page 1, 2, 3, and all linking to same... maybe next time triple space it...
  26. Quote:
    Wow, shooting from the hip ;)
    Refreshing, but seems like some quick report conjured up seeing the page 1, 2, 3, and all linking to same... maybe next time triple space it...

    It's a new idea of ours (the article, not triple spacing.) We want to go around, look at other reviews and comment generally on technology happenings beyond the benchmark scores. That article is essentially an internal memo turned into an article.
  27. I went back and found the first two pages, lack of coffee caused the blind spot I suppose.
    I do like less bs and more straight dope!
  28. "I am a serious gamer, won't ever put my CRT past the 1024x768. "

    FEAR is gpu bound even at 1024x768 once 4xAA/16xAF is enabled....

    Yes, games can look quite good at low/intermediate res, which I was forced to use in Doom3 when using a 9700 Pro to keep framerates decent...

    But, they can also look absolutely beautiful at 1280x1024, and 1600x1200.....

    As long as you are getting consistently above 30 fps (60 is better), games feel quick/responsive enough for online playing/fragging, to me anyway....(did Quake1 feel slow at the Voodoo1's max of 22 fps at 640x480?)

    Which is better? 1024x768 medium quality at 200 frames/sec, or 1280x1024 HQ at 80+ fps? I'll take the prettier image every time...

    (Were I playing for money or competition, perhaps there might be a hypothetical advantage to 200 fps, but, it's debateable...)
  29. Quote:
    I went back and found the first two pages, lack of coffee caused the blind spot I suppose.
    I do like less bs and more straight dope!

    Heh, we can all be forgiven those pre-coffee moments :wink:
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