Best Overclocking Mobo for 939?

i'm trying to get a new mobo w/ 2gb ram for my Athlon X2 4200+
i used to have A8V Deluxe; it won't overclock even 1mhz; won't flash bios
i RMAed my agp video card; they gave me pci-e 6800gt.
so i'm looking for a new mobo.
one that can do overclock a lot; stable.
I don't really need SLI, i'll just have one vga card.
but if SLI ones have better overclock ability, then i'll take it.
so... please let me know which mobo and ram which would be the best for overclocking
I heard new A8N32-SLI was good.. and DFI ones...
any better single vga overclocker?
or.. are they the best...?
my computer runs 24/7... so i need a stable mobo...

my current system:
AMD Athlon X2 4200+
Corsair XMS PC3200-1024C2PT
SeaSonic S12 600W
Geforce 6800GT
2x Western Digital SATAII 250GB
2x Samsung PATA 100GB
2x Western Digital PATA 150GB
Creative X-Fi Platinum
Leadtek FM TV Tuner
Antec SOHO case
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  1. Id Reccomend What I Have... The Chaintech Zenith VE, Its A Very Good Board With Lot Of Options (4 SATA, IDE RAID Capable, Etc.) And Its Also An Excellent Overclocker, But You May Hafta Update The BIOS As I Did For The Dual-Cores (The Newer Version's Are Already Dual-Core Ready...Ready For The Best Part?....... Its Under $60.00!!!!! And It Better Than Boards Costing $100.00+

    Heres The Link.....
  2. epox, msi, abit...toms hardware did a review of amd64 mobos

  3. i dont know if id trust the stability of that board looks like its missing a 4 pin molex connector that most nforce 4 boards have. but thats just me. DFI does make the best oc'ing boards toms did a review on that new msi one but i think its overpriced.
  4. DFI Expert is the best. It's also the most complicated...which is why its the best heh. The dfi nf4 lanparty series are the best oc'ing boards out there.

    However, Epox, MSI, and Asus are also fairly consistantly able to do almost as well with some of their high-end boards (with the notable exception of the asus a8n-sli deluxe::que's wusy lol). My asus premium board will do 330ish fsb. Which is pretty damn good.
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