HELP!!!!!!!!! what PSU for X1900XTX

Need some help i am getting my new card x1900xtx next week (after giving up on 7800gtx 512mb) but now i need to get a new psu now and i dont know what one to get. This is the requirments of the card 450-watt or greater PSU, 30 amps on 12 voilt rail. PCI express compliant power supply. Connect directly to the power supply with a 6 pin PCI Express power connector. I am not going crossfire or sli. Also the PSU that i am looking for must be fairly easy to install.

This is my system:

AMD 3700+ 939
MSI motherboard with ATI radeon 200p chipset
X2 160gb hard drive
1gb ram
cd, dvd writer in one

thanks for your time :lol:
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  1. what kind of psu do you currently have?
  2. A standard 350w what i got with the pc
  3. That won't hold it, not likely at least. Try getting an Antec Truepower 550W or something as powerful, you can't go wrong with that.
  4. Agree, I have a X1800XT, dual core AMD, 2 gigs RAM, 4 HD's a DVD Burner and a TV Tuner off of an Antec TPII 550
  5. Going to order a OCZ Modstream 520w today it has had a lot of good reviews. thanks :D
  6. Good luck :D
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